Sunday, December 14, 2008

5 COOL Things Part 3...and Marine Hunt Part 1

I actually slept again last night, I am hopeful (in sleep regards) that this will continue as I NEED it too. I mean seriously, when you already feel like you are losing your you really need to not be sleeping TOO?!! My parents went out while I was asleep (it's okay, I am sleeping crazy late, just the way it is right now) and bought about 25 different toys with the girls help. My Mom picked out the ones she says I would have bought...she's right. There were 2 Barbie's and 2 baby doll sets. Everyone was really excited. They had them all on display on the kitchen table, and BAM I see it and am staggered! Whoa, that was a lot of toys! Hopefully it will make some kids happy. And Katie has insisted on going with Sam to drop them off. Drop off is at some Marine base in Plantsville...she hopes to catch a Marine...yeah I am completely serious. What she really wants is a Navy SEAL, she says hey GONE half the year is fine with her, more time to bellydance....oh Katie.

FIVE COOL PRODUCTS...I think so for different reasons Anyway...Humor ME!

1) Tennis Raquet Bug Zapper -
If you hate bugs as much as me, this invention is ingenious!! You don't have to get TOO close, just swat and ZZZZZZZPPPPPPTTTT, bug goes to bug...HELL! Plus it is totally good excercise, and you can practice your backhand as you murderize all those nasty disgusting bugs and spiders. YUCK!!
2) Dad's Cab - "For the parents who feels more like a taxi driver than a parent, the Dad's Cab Light Up Cab Meter is the perfect funny gift. Place the Dad's Cab Meter on your dashboard, and turn it on when the ride starts, choose a rate mode of extortionate, high or regular and then start the digital time clock. When the ride is over, give them one of these tariff fare cards which include payments due like: Bring me a mug of tea and the paper on the weekend, mow the lawn and weed the garden, complement my wardrobe for a week and more." Isn't this cool?! Teach your kids to appreciate rides AND get stuff for being a "taxi cab"!! If I had kids who needed shuttling...I would SO buy it!
3) How To Traumatize Your Children - This book is made especially for people like Kristina (LOL)!! You know she will someday, indeed, procreate, so this is to ease her mind, when she does have the lil gremlins!! Here is THEIR description: "Most parents don't know what they're doing -- They try their best to screw up their kids, but most still grow up to be normal adults. Well, this indispensable book takes the guesswork out of raising a dysfunctional child. HOW TO TRAUMATIZE YOUR CHILDREN will teach you everything you need to know about messing up your kids. Within these 191 pages, you'll learn how to shatter self-esteem, buy your child's love, and teach your child how to be a bad friend. " AMAZING what you can find on the net!!
4) ABC Cookie Cutters - What is more unappetizing than a cookie with a bite taken out of it? Nothing! And these special cutters, you can make sure NO ONE else wants to eat your cookies but you! Keep them ALL to yourself! You got plain round cookie cutter with a bite taken out, Gingerbread men with limbs bitten off, you are all set to HOURD some cookies!! And what bully will steal your kids cookie with a nice juicy bite taken out of it! I SO seriosuly want these!LOL!
5) World's Largest Underpants - Who needs a diet, when you are guarenteed underwear that even three people can fit into...together!! Made of 100% cotton, it has a 100" waist, so ladies, let's crack out them ABC cookies!!

A Fave Song for Christmas:

6 meaningful meanderings:

Kristina P. said...

Too funny! And I'm all about traumatizing as many people as possible.

Lee said...

That dad's cab is so funny. My mom needs something like that! She's always complaining that she's "not my taxi"

tara @ kidz said...

Stopping by through Blog Stalkers Unite.

So funny, esp the song!

b. said...

Dude, those underpants are AWESOME!!

Marie said...

The how to tramatize your kids is the best!!!I am sure I don't need it ..I've done a good job so far!! So happy to hear your sleeping!! Marie :)

Creative Artist Genius Girl said...

BTW, just wanted to add that if you're having trouble sleeping try 'Valerian root'. I have trouble getting my mind to shut down late at night so I take one or two of those and it helps tremendously! You can find them at any natural foods or health store, and they're great if you have insomnia! Happy snoozing!

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