Saturday, December 13, 2008


I slept for 12 hours!! I did I did!! *does a jig* I can only hope and pray it happens AGAIN!! I can tell I need it, just this overall feeling.

Okay I want to thank everyone for their ideas on what to do for Gifts from the Heart. I put together a recipe book of treasured (well a few I had to just pick...ran out at 40!) recipes on this site and it does it all professional. I was able to add pictures of the family to each page. And they can make and add recipe pages and buy them themselves. One is for Mom and Dad together. And now each of the girls can take one when she leaves home. It was PRICEY. My Mom now knows ALL about it...she HAD to know what I was up to, and I tell her everything so finally I spilled. I was going to get ONE, for Mom and the girls to share here...I was gonna do a 100 page one, all with pictures, and each page has a quote I found on family. And with shipping and handling that would have been about $50. Listen yes I AM cheap and these are gifts from the heart, okay we can do hand written notes if we want. So anyway, Mom decided the girls should each get one, so she is gonna help me out. Don't know be how much but PLEASE YES help, it was over $100 for 3 books of 50 recipes. Man...if I was more thrifty maybe I would have made each page up (not that I didn't do that on the SITE I used, but it had boxes that made it easy to organize) and had staples like make it. but this is so cute and looks so nice. Oy. So I am DONE with G.F.T.H., now I can only PRAY they get processed, printed and sent BEFORE Christmas...yeah I am worried about that. But it would have been $ 45 to get it sent the next fastest way....don't even wanna KNOW what the fastest way costs!! Plus I still have to shop for Secret Santa. But progress was made. It just took about...hmm...20 hours of typing maybe, pain in my backside and back, and major stress that I could not DO it...I can partly take not 100 recipes for that.

And we have a gameplan for 2 things. Sunday we are doing the tree. And next Friday is baking cookies day. Now I just need to get the parents to shop for themselves, and a few other half a dozen things and I can relax...except not because I am a basketcase and....forget it. I don't like to bring others down.

I am looking forward to presents...I know...I am a horrible person.

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Jillene said...


The Leijte's in Vegas said...

I am seeing how you are by reading your blog. I do not think you are as bad as YOU think. I have seen way worse and have fought the same demons you are. Now the OCD. I really think everyone I know has a little of that. The key is to find the right meds for you. Not the med for right now. Have you been on same stuff since 18, or have you made a few changes? I had been on so many meds for so long, that I changed the chemistry of my brain, slowly but surly. I had reprogram my brain. It took some time, but it alos tok me along time to change it,

Kristina P. said...

Yay for sleeping! And I love the recipe idea.

Anonymous said...


Presents are fun! I get excited over presents too!

Deb said...

it sounds like things are coming together. and i am so glad you got some good zzzzz's.

Blog is my Co-Pilot said...

my sister made me a cookbook with family recipes when i got married and I love it. I have added to it extensively over the years, in fact I've outgrown it and its busting at the seams, but its one of my favorite things I've ever rec'd I'm sure your sis's will love it too.

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