Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Okay People. Serious Business. Monster Squad and The Last Starfighter are CLASSICS! If you haven't seen them, I know for a FACT, that Walmart now has Monster Squad and last Starfighter has an anniversary edition out now. These are amazing movies, so fun, and were 2 of our family favorites! Moster Squad still IS! Okay, enough serious talk.

House was SO good last night!! I didn't realize how BAD I missed Hugh Laurie until his beautiful blue eyes lit up my TV screen! He can work off of anybody, he was alone with all new people and I was still enthralled and completely entertained! I swear I read in more than one magazine that half of the season was spent in this facility, but he is already out?? What the...?!! Maybe he plans on returning there for outpatient services? I don't know, it comfused me, but the episode was awesome. And House is off pain meds and has been given the thumbs up by a doctor, but he seems to BE House still. Please still be House!! I knew that bimbo from Bourne Identity would just brin him pain. Stop with the married ladies House!

And Heroes was a terriffic premiere too! It felt like it WAS back to it's original roots, but I loved all the seasons anyway, so I am good. But this was phenomenal. All the characters were involved and we got to see what they have been up to, and that them trying to live a sane, normal life, is just not going to happen! Yay! I miss Nathan. Even though the actor is still there, he is really Sylar, so I am a bit pouty about that. And I am actually fascinated by the new "Carnies". Plus, Castle premiered on ABC at 10, and that was as funny and smart as it was last season (it's half a season), so I was giddy! Beckett and Castle are so funny together, and it is always a hoot to see Castle at his weekly poker game with Stephen J. Cannell and James Patterson (2 real life famous mystery authors)! I love this show, and I bought the first Season today. I also bought the first season on The Mentalist and season 4 of Ghost Whisperer. Yayyyyy! It makes me happy! I also bought Ghosts of Girlfriends Past. I have never seen it, I wanted to sooo badly, but never got a chance to see it in the theaters. But I love romantic comedies. I love Matthew. And I love Jennifer in Rom-Com's.

Tonight I watched NCIS and it was terriffic, though I felt Gibbs and Abby withdrawal! LOL! It was great and I can't wait for next weeks. The gang is back in Washington DC and Ziva is not over her problems with Tony...even though he just saved her butt. Get over it Ziva, YOU made the boo-boo's by keeping Michael's secrets. Bad NCIS girl! Gibbs still has a right to be mad at YOU.

The bad news for NCIS LA? It was SO boring! And they make no mention of where Macey is. I knew there was some cast changes, but she was the boss, so I was at least expecting a MENTION that she transferred or retired or something. Stupid people need to tie loose ends together! I will probably give it an episode or two more, but if it doesn't improve, as much as I love you LL, I will have to nix you from my recording schedule. Sorry, but you make me snooze, you LOSE! So sad. All that hype too.

I have The Forgotten to try out tonight, starring the lovely Christian Slater. I hope it is good. I was sad not to LOVE My Own Worst Enemy last season. Not too sad though, as it was quickly axed! Phew! I will have to wait until I get back to see a lot of the premieres for this week, which makes me UPSET. We had to go out of state the week ALL the premieres happen. But once I do get back, I will tell you what I am thinking so far, as I always do. LOL.

I am currently starting to recharge all the gear I am taking on the plane. I worry about waiting until tommorrow, because we need to leave the house at like...*gulp*...4 am-ish!! So maybe it is best to charge everything tonight. I even got my Mom 2/3 packed. She has to work tommorrow still, so some items are last minute additions. My Dad seems to be packed. Seems I stress. I am getting very nervous now. I didn't think I could GET any more scared, but apparently I can! Now I am worried what happens if it is even WORSE than I imagine. What happens if we get to the relatives house and upon seeing those TWO, I lose it. I mean any kind of lose it. Crying, exploding, hyperventilating (I do this), etc. What if I lose it so bad...they lock me away for 72 hours?!! I am just so scared I cannot handle this. This whole situation has been too much for me, but now I have to face the people who have inflicted the pain on me, pain that I have to keep, at least for 18 years. And leaving Max? I am panicking! I have only been seperated from my lil guy 1-2 days at the most, for the last 4 years. Only when I had my surgery, did I have to go days without seeing him. And I was in agony, pain wise then, so it was easy to forget anything, the pain was so bad. He is who I spend the night with, his lil furry head against my legs. And I find it so comforting. I have cried when it is 2 days before and we are on our way to a vacation! This is NOT a vacation, and I am just very attached to my dog. He's my best boy. He knows when I am upset, and cuddles or gives me kisses. I am just freaking out, aren't I?

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Izzy said...

Travel safely my dear I cant wait to hear what stories you have when you have eturned to the blogging world


kel said...

Stay safe and have fun!!!

Kristina P. said...

I am over Heroes. It used to be one of the few shows that Adam and I would actually watch together, but then last year, the DVR didn't record a couple of episodes, and I realized I couldn't have cared less.

Good luck on your trip!

Sarah said...

Do you HAVE to go? You could stay home right? My point is that you made the decision to go, don't doubt yourself and what you can handle now, you know yourself better than anyone and if you made the decision to go then you ARE ready!! Just remember to hold it together in front of everyone. Take a walk alone if you need to or take a nice long hot shower when you need to. Know your limits and if you feel unstable, take a break...nothing wrong with that girl! Good Luck!

mama-face said...

Oh My, I am worried about you. Please take care of yourself. No need to tell you this, I'm sure; but pray pray pray. I will pray for you too.

NCIS..yes yes. But I love Ziva; She's staying; I hope. The LA one was weird; like they were playing a game. Which I suppose all TV is about; but it was way too hard to suspend reality with that one.

Take care!!!!! Remember you have all this support from people you don't even know! (Well, I guess we really do know each other... :)

Tori_z said...

Glad you're enjoying some of your shows at least! :)

Good luck on the trip!

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