Monday, September 7, 2009

Ouchies and Pendants

Today was not very holiday here in the M household. We cleaned the basement, yahoo...yes it wasn't sincere. Nor was it any fun at all. We had saved up a LOT of stuff, thinking we might do a tag sale, but now we are just junking it and Good Will-ing it. There is like 100 or so VHS tapes, from all the movies I now own on DVD. Some are even in their shrink wrap still, so hopefully SOME people still use their VCR's and watch these GOOD movies. I paid like $20 a pop for these movies, and now I would have made, what, 50 cents at a tag sale? *big sigh* And so many bags of garbage to take out to the garage for a dump day. And then hauling all the Good Will stuff to the garage too, it was tiring.

Yesterdays' misadventure has come back to haunt me, or bite me, to be more accurate. I now feel All my bug bites. Bugs love me, Sandy said she read they are attracted more to some people depending on the sugars in you, and as I am a Diabetic, of course my sugars are higher than other peoples! They must have known I was a Diabetic years before I did, because they have always loved me. But in the last 5 years or so, bug bites on my legs and feet are a real problem. **You see, Diabetics have to be really careful with their legs and feet. When you have diabetes, proper foot care is very important. Not taking care of your feet with diabetes can lead to serious health problems, including possibly having to remove the foot or leg (amputation). We have reduced blood flow and nerves in our feet. You are actually supposed to check your feet every single day for cracks and scratches, etc because all can lead to infections or amputations. I don't, bad me. I also go barefoot always which is a no-no. There are special socks, etc., but I like the socks I wear, so until I need them, I will wear what I like. You aren't even supposed to cross your legs. If you have a callus or anything else, you are supposed to go to the doctor's...but supposedly he is supposed to check my feet each time I see him and he doesn't, so I don't either. Heck the man hasn't ordered an A1C test for me in like 2 years, I am the one who WANTS one!!**

Anyway, as I said bites and scratches have become a major problem for in the last 5 years. If I get a nick from shaving, I have a scar. If I scratch bug bites, which is a weakness of mine, I will of course scar now, but they usually get infected first, incredibly so. So having 2 bites on my right leg and 1 on each foot is a BAD thing. And they are SO itchy! And my Saving Grace is not working! It is called After-Bite, and will work on some bites, but if they are really bad or big, or in an awkward spot, not even it can help me. Right now I have an ice pack on the one on my left foot, because it is SO itchy and is on the hard part of your heel to the side. So I WANT the bump to raise so maybe After Bite will work, but nothing will make it rise! I was scratching it with a letter opener for crying out loud!!

Anyway, on to what caused my other pain. After I picked up that stuff to make some pendants with, I worked on all 4 until I was done and the pliers/cutters I used killed my hands. They were throbbing after. And then I noticed some bruising today in my palm, and as the past 2 days have gone by, I have this horrid pain in a finger on my right hand. It has a weird mark, like a blister but my Mom says its' not a blister, you feel nothing. Plus it is red and the pain goes down past the marking so she said I may have sprained it. Great. It is killing me tonight! And having to shower, the heat made it hurt and soap stung so bad! So I have decided, making jewelery will NOT be a new hobby. When Sandy heard, she was like Oh I have tiny ones for doing that. AFTER!! And she knew I had to make the links to hold the pendants, because after seeing my red pendant, she went out and bought the same one!! Copy-cat Sandy!! Yes you! Anyway, here are my necklaces:

The keys and locks were meant to be charms on bracelets but I wanted them as necklaces, so I bought some bigger link things (I know I speak in pro) and changed them into necklace charms. The 3 keys one is a fave, because I can wear them together, or for a cleaner look, pick one key and take the other off. This is the bane of my necklace making existence, linking things together like this:

It is so hard and I almost got my fingers multiple times so I am now afraid of pliers!! Linking links together sucks. Linking links to chains, sucks. I like the pendants, HATE the making!! BTW, the crown necklace says "A crown is merely a hat that lets the rain in". There were SO many cute pendants...but I will make Sam make them for me maybe, because I am in agony. So my hands hurt, I have itchiness all over my legs and feet...I am a wreck! LOL! And I think I am getting a migraine to top it ALL off. Anyone wanna trade bodies for a little while? Dontcha want to experience what a migraine FEELS like? Come on!!

**Knowledge Section - You can say I Learned something real at Wendy's Blog today!!

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Kristina P. said...

Those necklaces are awesome!

And I had no idea that diabetics had to watch their legs so carefully. I knew that amputation was something that happened, but I thought that was only if you didn't take care of the diabetes at all.

Yaya said...

Oh I hope your head feels better at least.

Love the necklaces.

Mosquitoes and such are drawn to redheads too. I'm not making that up. Something about our blood.

Jessica♥ said...

good thing I'm not diabetic! I have calluses ALL OVER my feet.
People say it's gross. But I need them. =]

Sheri said...

Cleaning up areas in the house is good, and giving to goodwill is good. :P Getting bug bites is not though! Does bug spray help?

Cute necklaces, and I know what you mean about the links and stuff. LOL that can hurt!

Tori_z said...

No, I don't think I'll be trading bodies. Mind you, you wouldn't want mine today... My legs are killing me from upping the speed on the treadmill at the gym enough so that I was running for a bit. Might not sound like a big deal to some, but to people like me who haven't done muchh in the past year... Plus the fact I tore the tendons in the back of my knee a couple of months ago. Probably shouldn't have gone for a run yet (the trainer advised against it) but I needed to work off some energy. Now I'm paying for it.

So, you don't want my body.

Lee said...

I've always worried about that. When I cut my leg, it scars. Even just a little nick. My legs are so messed up, covered in bruises and scars.

mama-face said...

I am sorry you are hurting. I think it is true about the mosquitos. They bite my daughter to pieces and leave me alone. I'm just no sweet enough.

The jewelry is beautiful! I love buying the jewelry supplies and then I sit and stare at them for hours.

Hope you heal soon!

TeeTee said...

Those necklaces are amazing... they are so pretty!

About that tree... I found it on the side of the road while I was in Hawaii. I thought it was pretty so I took a picture of it.

I hope you feel better!

LadyStyx said...

I like the 3 key necklace too. Very nice work.

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