Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Distract me Please

Errands went really crappy today. Picking up my pre-rented dvd's from Redbox was fine, it was another Walmart situation, and it wasn't even MY Walmart. I wanted to go to the Wallingford Walmart, because they have my OJ, cheese snacks and they are the only Eplay dvd kiosk that has the horror movie Boot Camp which I really want to see. So I drive all the way there, late because I forgot to set my alarm clock, and the dvd kiosk is down, like don't expect it to be fixed anytime soon. And then they didn't have my OJ either, so it felt like such a waste of gas going there. And of course I got OCD. I wanted that movie, and the horror movie, Grace, so I decided, why not try and see if the next closest Walmart had it in their kiosk.

I had Gabby, that is what we call our GPS system, and it claimed it was only 9 miles away. Gabby lied people. I drove for over 25 minutes, and I didn't even have to enter the Walmart. I got up to the doors and saw that it said that kiosk was down too!! Agghh!!So the drive home took forever. And I decided, you know what? Screw it, I will pay the pull price at Hollywood to rent Boot Camp. On the back roads there, I was behind one car, and that car had NO one in front of him. And I was a car length behind him. All of a sudden he slammed on his breaks, no warning, and I had to slam on mine so hard, the tires squealed and I know I burned rubber. I was positive I was going to hit HIM and that would mean, I'd get blamed for the accident, even though it was his fault. Then he just started going again, because NO one was in front of him! This scared the crap out of me, and I was already frustrated! Then I got to Hollywood and all two copies of the movie, are STILL gone. I have been checking for 2 weeks now! It was like the last straw, I got home and I felt like I was having an anxiety attack. I just could not breathe.

Sandy decided to distract me, she, Kate and I should go see a movie. So we went and saw Whiteout, because contrary to popular believe, it is NOT a horror movie, it IS indeed about Antartica's first murder, which Kate Beckinsdale has to solve. I really enjoyed it. It is a thriller mystery. Kate plays Kerry, a US Marshall, stationed at this BIG US camp in Antartica, where they study ice cores and all that jazz. She has some issues she has left over from her last assignment, NOT in the frozen tundra. Her best friend, the Doc, played by Tom Skerrit is retiring when they head out in a few days, and Kerry plans on resigning from Marshals also. It is almost winter there and that means darkness for 6 months, and so everyone in the facility, except for the winter sign-ups is packing up to go, and partying.

Then Kerry finds a body and realizes it was murder. And the storm that is approaching is getting closer. Kerry goes to another part of Antartica with a pilot, and as she investigates, looking for the dead man's team leader, she finds him dying and the killer is there. And he chases her, but luckily she gets away from him. And when she wakes up, her wounds wrapped by the pilot, they are confronted by a man claiming he was sent when the station's manager reported the crime. As they explore the last section the dead men's team were exploring, Kerry falls through the ice finding an ice chamber that houses a Russian plane, and they figure out that the men found this and found something inside that got them killed. They have to get back to the main base. All personell are told they are leaving, no one is remaining, while a serial killer is at large. And the evacuation is moved up as the storm is now almost on top of them.

Can Kerry let go of her past, so she can solve this crime? When she finds the killer, will she find out what they discovered that turned someone into a killer? Who can Kerry trust? Will Kerry have to stay behind to catch this killer? Can she survive another 6 months in this forsaken place? Just when you think you know some of the answers to these questions, you are thrown for a few more loops, and a little more action.

I thoroughly enjoyed myself, and it was a great distraction, as I finally feel calm and relaxed! I am off to watch a horror movie called Back Woods, and maybe Next Day Air.

It is just over a week until I leave for the Mid-west, to visit those relatives and I am quite worried. I will try to be civil, but they had better not try to act like nothing happened. Or try and ask me personal questions, because they no longer have that right. I am scared I can't handle this. And I am so projecting my worries, but I just can't seem to stop. I am a human projector. Oy. Back into movie groove, Wen, movies are such an escape!

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Jillene said...

I am glad that your sisters came to the rescue and took you to see a good movie!!

LadyStyx said...

How annoying is that. I would have been so pissed off at that driver too.

Kristina P. said...

I hope everything works out with the relatives!

Sheri said...

That sucks about the relatives, hopefully it goes at least semi-smoothly.

Amander said...

Maybe it will be better if you and the relatives just ignore what has happened and move on from here. That way you can still have a happy visit.

Donna said...

Hey Wendy, I hope your trip goes well! I'd be a little nervous about it too but I bet it will be okay.

Lee said...

I'd get so mad if that happened to me. Why would BOTH kiosks be down? That's ridiculous.
I heard Whiteout was bad.
I really want to see Zombieland for some reason.

Random, I know, but it looked like something you might like, and the commercial just came on for it.

Tori_z said...

Glad going to see that movie helped. :)

Hope all goes well with those reelatives. *Hugs*

Jessica♥ said...

what the heck is kiosk?

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