Friday, September 18, 2009

Friday Fragments

This is my first attempt at Friday Fragments, let us see how it goes.

I hate Egg McMuffins. I don't know what happened, I used to love them, now I can't stand them. I like our homemade ones, we do for special occasions, but otherwise I find them revolting. The egg is yucky, that canadian "bacon" is horrendous looking. It just makes me gag, even the thought of them.
I really don't see how parents can send their kids off to these camps where they are supposed to be "fixed", without doing more than mere research online. This "Tough Love" approach made popular in the 1970's can be insane. There have been over 40 reported deaths in these camps (reported people), and studies have mentioned it is unknown how many kids will have lasting psychological problems. A majority of these camps are dangerous, and the kids are not safe. If your child is THAT messed up, that a place like this is the last option, here is what you do. YOU go out to the facility for an in-depth inspection. You talk to people in the surrounding towns about this camp,etc. You make sure social services checks in a lot! Because you are trusting your child to complete strangers and paying them to take them. Will they be mistreated? You need to know. Because abuse is not the answer to your problem child's problems.
We are in the middle of talking about cell phone plans. Ours expires mid-October. I can't afford the plan again. When the market basically crashed, I lost 80% of my savings. While it has gone up a little bit, I still have to be able to pay for my Medical Transcription degree/certificate that I think I will do, as you can supposedly work from home. But my parents are not willing to have me phone less anymore. The hypoglycemia I experience with my Diabetes has gotten bad in the last few years, so they want me to be able to call for help if I get it and can't drive home, or need 911. So they are looking at which will save them more money, keeping me on the family plan, or getting a pay-as-you-go plan. I am just thankful they are willing to help me out with this. Basically I only call my family and text them. I sometimes text with Weezie and Stina, but that is it. I know, sad, I never get texts! And I like texts, no talking on the phone. So I don't use many actual minutes. Katie basically used all our minutes every month...she should have to pay the biggest part of the bill, but Dad won't so that to her while she is in school.
Itunes 9 has screwed up everything. And I am not the only one having problems, there are too many bugs in it, and sadly you can't really go backwards, I wish! I had Limewire downloads open automatically in Itunes, even creating a folder automatically in the Itunes folder. I loved this and only figured out i could do it 2 months ago, and now it won't work! Bloody Itunes!
I picked up a bag of the Tostitos with Lime, because a few of my blog buddies, adore them. I can't decide if I like them or not. The flavor is unique, but is it in a good way or a bad way? I can't make up my mind.
I am so sad about Patrick Swayze still. I LOVE Dirty Dancing and Ghost. But make sure you see his comedic side. "To Wong Foo: Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar" is hilarious. Yes Patrick is one ugly woman, but so is Wesley Snipes.Whoa. John Leguizamo though, so convincing as a is scary!!
I LOVE the judges on SYTYCD!! They are so funny! I loved when Nigel walked off, pure gold! And next week we have Tyce!! He is SO brutally honest, it will be sweet!! And it is East Coasters time! Yeah!
I haven't needed Calamine lotion in two days!! Yay!
Glee is weird, I don't know how long I will stick with it though, there will be much better things on soon. And a teacher cutting his thumbs off because he is addicted to cough syrup...ooookaaayyy. And then they sing him "For He's A Jolly Good Fellow" just may not be my kind of show. I love the singing as I am a huge musicals fan, but the whole faking a pregnancy because she thought she was pregnant, etc...I watch soaps, this is just weird in a sorta comedy show. Oy.
Bones was strange tonight. Booth loving Bones, but it may go away? Booth not knowing he loves weird socks, ties and belt buckles? *sob* I want Booth back! And it seemed like they distanced the rest of the cast. Hodgins and Angela and Cam were like put in the background, and while they never had the airtime of our main guy and gal, they were never background characters. And I miss Zak still! There wasn't even anyone temping in this week. I hope it is just getting back in stride, because I adore this show!
I love Thursdays now! I still have Fringe, Supernatural, Survivor, Vampire Diaries and Top Model tonight! Yeah! Okay, I think my fragmented mind is done...I think.

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Kristina P. said...

Glee is very quirky and a very dark humor. Right up my alley. Didn't think last night's episode was as witty as the previous two, but I'm still sticking it out.

And blech for lime tortilla chips.

Sarah said...

The issue with parents and those camps is that if parents actually PARENTED, the kids wouldn't need those camps. So, my point is that the parents of those kids are pretty much clueless to begin with...most of them wouldn't even think to check into the camps, and some literally WANT to dump their kids off somewhere. I see it all the time in Juvenile Detention...all the time. We have parents calling us or showing up with their kids begging us to take them because they can't control them. We also have alot of kids who have parents that are ten times worse then they's sad.

Sheri said...

Good fragmented post. I looked into medical transcriptionist before, but I heard it is pretty hard to actually find real jobs to go with that after you get it. Have you looked into that yet? I hope it is doable where you live!

Amander said...

I have Glee on the dvr, but haven't watched it yet.

And I only like homemade egg mcmuffins too!

Brandi said...

I like the Egg McMuffins from McDonald's but can't stand anything else.

I watched on TV show with kids being sent to those camps, but would never send my kids to one. If you can't control your kids, getting rid of them is not the answer. It's your parenting that has taught those kids it's okay to act that way...

I watched the season premere of Glee. I may need to find it again... Sounds intresting in the least.

But luckily/unfortunately, we don't have cable or satalite or anything to the effect so I have to watch everything online after everyone else has seen it... :(

Brandi said...

A friend of mine does Medical Transcriptioning from home.

Her name is Billie at She could definately help you out and give you advice on your schooling and finding a job. :)

Jessica♥ said...

sytycd! yey! =]
I love glee. =[
I thought it was hilarious when all the old guys got together and started dancing and singing. I was laughing so hard.

Lee said...

For the record, you can call 911 for free from a cellphone regardless of having a plan on it or not.
You don't need a plan to call emergency services.
Just so you know :)

LadyStyx said...

Im still on the fence about Glee too. Parts of it I really enjoy and parts, well not so much.

Tori_z said...

Interesting post there. ;)

I text more than phone too. I have a speech thing on my phone that reads the texts out for me (like the one I have for the PC, but a LOT cheaper). And I have my phone on contract. One of the reasons for that is that the softwear that talks is free if you're on a contract. The other is that we decided it would be best for me not to have to worry about credit. The last thing we want is for me not to have had time to get credit on my phone, then I need someone and can't call... Kinda defeats the purpose of my making sure to have a phone if I don't have credit on it. If you know what I mean.

TeeTee said...

I loved this post!

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