Wednesday, September 2, 2009

That was Awful Tarantino!!

Man, I wanted an improved evening of Horror movies and was SADLY disappointed. This movie Hush, was an English movie, but was supposed to be filled with twists and turns and be very Alfred Hitchcock-ish. I LOVE The Birds, and Psycho, etc. so I was very excited about watching this one. A couple are on the road and get behind a truck when they spot a woman in a cage screaming. The boyfriend doesn't want to follow, so when they are at a rest-stop, the girlfriend is furious, and then she disappears. And so he must go after her. Sounds intrigueing, but it wasn't!! It was SO slow and boring, I didn't end up caring. If this had wanted to be one of those movies where the goos guys DIE at the end, I wouldn't have minded. It was that crappy.

So I go to the Kurt Russel movie Deathproof...things COULD get worse. I hated every aspect of it! It has lines going through it and spots, to make it look like it was filmed in the late 60's, early 70's and you are watching it at a Drive-In or something. But the coloring was all old looking too, it annoyed the crap out of me. And everyone is dressed like it is 1970, but then things pop up like cell phines, Ipods, Red Bull and Lindsay Lohan. So I started to worry, not that it was a crappy movie, that is SO not my fault, but I worried, was I a film snob? But no I don't think so. I love old movies, Marilyn Monroe, Cary Grant, etc. I find their film technique and technicolor to be just fine. And I don't mind black and white movies, so it was just THIS movie and it's ancient special color technique. I love everything from Arsenic & Old Lace (SUCH a good Carey Grant movie!) to G.I. Joe, so I am so not a film snob, so it was this trash. Yuck. I HAD to finish it, only because I was hoping the last set of women killed Kurt, because he was a psychotic weirdo and killed poor Rose McGowan and her friends in such a violent way. So the one good thing about this, movie...was that the girls kick his butt and kill HIM. What a waste of an evening and MONEY!

Did you guys watch the video Shauna had on her blog, Just So? It was called You Are My Masterpiece/God's Chisel. The first 7 minutes amused the heck out of me, but once it turned to 7 minutes, I started to cry. Not sobs or anything like that, but slow tears falling down my face, holding to my chin for a moment, before falling to my shirt. Even though I can't see myself as any masterpiece, hearing it said in such a way, truly affected me. I ended up looking for more info on these guys and found a few more of their videos on Youtube, which I will no doubt share soon. I also found their website, where you can view other skits they have done. They can be hilarious, but also very poignant. Their so called skits, touched something in me, I can't even describe it. One of their skits is called The Mourning Booth, and it blew me away. It was expressing some of what I TRY to express, but in a relatable way. I can be very discombobulated when I am upset and can ramble, and I want to get what I am feeling through to my readers and to myself, but I sometimes think I just muck it all up. But this "skit" expressed it so perfectly. I am in the valley, and though you may think you can get me out of it, you can't. What you can do is just be there for me, be a friend, and listen if I need to talk. I found these two guys to be amazing, I spent 2 hours on their website as the majority of their skits is only available to view or purchase their. I was hooked. And it felt like I was meant to have found them and hear their take on things. This one skit can relate to loss of any kind, deaths, loss of a dream, etc. So I hope you will watch The Mourning Booth.

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Lee said...

You know, for some reason it reminded me of Harry Potter, the way you said different pop culture things from today popped up.
I always get confused during harry potter and don't understand what time period it's in.

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