Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Flashback Movies 5

These trailers really bring back good memories for me. Makes me remember all sorts of movies I have not seen in years and that I now want badly. Looking back can be a good thing, and these movie trailers prove it, so have a good time, it's just trailers, you have the time!! Enjoy the memories or enjoy learning about some great movies you MUST see!

The Monster Squad (love this! We still watch it!)

Stand By Me (full of famous faces, including a chubby Jerry O'Connell and River Phoenix...sniff)

Short Circuit (Ally Sheedy and Steve Gutenberg star, but the robot is the real star!)

Teen Wolf (Michael J. Fox made this good)

The Last Starfighter (It was a movie we were shown I swear forever, some of it used to scare us when we were little, but then it just became a beloved movie, full of memories!)

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7 meaningful meanderings:

Sarah said...

We're not worried about the mud Wendy! I used to live down a looong dirt road a few years back, I actually prefer dirt roads...weird I know, that's why I belong up North! Lots of dirt, snow, mosquitos, poison ivy and TREES!

mama-face said...

time to be checking on netflix for the shows I haven't yet seen.

'Stand by Me'--very good I agree

Sheri said...

Great movies!

LadyStyx said...


"Wolfman's got nards!"

*laffin* sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeesh
That first one's the only one I havent seen yet. Might just have to now if it's as funny as the one line!

Amander said...

Hm, I might have seen Teen Wolf, but I honestly can't remember.

The rest of them I know I haven't seen. You have an extensive knowledge base of movies!

Lee said...

I remember Teen Wolf. Never actually saw it though.
That's bad, isn't it?

TeeTee said...

the last movie looks good!

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