Monday, September 7, 2009

MisAdventures of Wen and Colleen

*First, on a side note, I want to thank Tee-tee, because I rarely got complimented on my eyes. They are a bit odd, my parents call them cats' eyes, all my siblings have them. They are technically green but there are these yellow flecks or splotches in some cases, so they are not true green. So Thanks Tee-Tee, it made my day! :)

Now onto the mis-adventure, my Mom and I had today. It always seems to be the two of us. When it was just us in Florida when we lived there, we tried to find a way back to the apartment, only to learn we were on our way to the coast, NOT back towards Orlando...we suck with directions! When we try to find place in CT even, we often get turned around and get lost. Oy. LOL.

Well apparently the woods behind our house has become the "secret" hideout place for a couple of boys in the neighborhood. They cut "doorways", three, into the woods, and cut the saplings and bushes in there making a big area inside to hang out in. Raked and everything. Now if they had just done the interior thing, I don't think my Dad would have cared. These kids have been playing on one of our islands over there for like a year. It was the openings they cut down in the outside, where you can see, which has angered my Dad. Sandy is not loving it either, as she thinks it will drive Max nuts. Me? I think they did an amazing job. My Mom and I had to pick up some groceries (I know it is Sunday, but tommorrow is Labor Day!) so when we got back she asked me if I had seen the fort and I said no. As we exited the car we saw a kid take off from inside on his bike. My Mom showed me and it was nice in there. Three doorways, if you will, and smooth ground, a cool little secret fort I thought. I even left a note "Good Job Guys. Just don't cut anything else down without asking - Wendy, one of the blue house's people". My Mom suddenly asked me if I wanted to go on a walk with her, and sure we had groceries but I was like, it is just a walk. I was wrong. We were on a mission!

My Mom wanted to track the boy down. She is impressed with the fort too, but I think she wants to warn them, not to cut anything else or my Dad will kick them out for sure. So we went looking in the direction of our street he had gone. We could hear kids voices but no kids! So we walked halfway up Seans' long driveway and found a path in the woods, and were like...where did that come from? LOL, obviously we never explore our own neighborhood woods! So we followed it thinking it would lead to the kids. Walked for a bit, then a bit more. It was buggy and a little dark now. We finally came to a fork in the road. We could go left, straight or right. We went right because that is where it sounded like kids were, but they started sounding farther away, and we were like, where ARE we? But we figured as we had chosen right we would probably come out somewhere near Princess Pine Path, which is at least IN our neighborhood, just in the opposite direction. We could no longer hear the kids now. We couldn't hear anything but summer sounds. And the bugs were getting worse, it was after 7pm. But we kept going, expecing to get to an end soon. Finally we came to a bridge, I was like, jaw on the ground. There is a bridge near us? It freaked me out a bit though. It reminded me of Stand By Me. Where it wasn't a bridge but a railroad bridge. There were gaps between each board here too. Finally we saw a house in the distance and we get to a gate and walk through a backyard and end up on a street...a street I had never seen before. We walked until we found a street sign, and yes we had given up on finding the boy by this time! The sign said Hitchcock Avenue, and my Mom's like that sounds familiar, like near where Sister C lives. I was like NO WAY. We didn't get that far. By car it is a 5 minute drive, it is about 4 miles to Sister C's from our house. Plus we did NOT walk past Target or Lowe's or the highway, so we walked, hoping to figure out where we were.

We walked and walked not recognizing street names after Hitchcock. Finally we reached the end and there wasn't a new street name, plus what house HAD that been that we exited the woods from? It was like a mile backwards. So we called, thankfully I had my bag on me, and Dad said he would come get us. We had to sit there for about 10 minutes when my dad showed up with Max in the car. Apparently my Mom had been right, we were near Sister C's!! We still don't understand how, because we passed no stores or highways, but we ended up almost 4 miles from where we started!! Dad called us "Maroons". For those who have never seen "Who Framed Roger Rabbit?", which you should, basically he called us dumb. LOL. In our neighborhood, we managed to get so lost we ended up in a neighborhood 4 miles away. My Dad tried to explain how it was possible, but he didn't walk that path, we still have no clue how we ended up there. Which has made me decide, once it is really Fall, I want to know where the other 2 forks in the path lead to!! Man, it is always me and m'y Mom!! We are like magnets for getting lost or for having odd things happen to us! We are cursed! I am still so confused!! It makes NO sense!

P.S. Holy crap! My One Year Blogiversary is in 20 days!! How in the crap did that happen?! I can't even write in a journal for 3 days in a row so there is no way it has almost been a YEAR! What the....?!!

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Jessica♥ said...

my eyes are the same! =]
They have a grey rim, then green, and then amber smoking out from around the pupil.

Go pretty eyes! =]

Tori_z said...

Well, at least you got some exercise. And walks in the woods are usually enjoyable. :)

Maybe next time though you should just keep a watch for the kids and not try and find them? ;) said...

Always good to have an adventure :)

Sheri said...

I have green eyes too! Are you always in need of sunglasses in the sun too? I can hardly walk outside without them.

Happy almost blogoversary!

Joanne said...

Sounds like quite the adventure. Good thing you had your phone!

Happy almost blogoversary.

Jessica♥ said...

hey, award for you over at my place! =]

Lee said...

I actually missed my one year blogiversary.

I've done that before. It was actually pretty scary. When you can't figure out where you are, it's just a really bad feeling.

TeeTee said...

You are so welcome, I want green eyes so bad!

I had to write my Blogiversary on a post it so I would remember it!

Yaya said...

A secret fort! How wonderfully innocent!

mama-face said...

What a great story; your mom's hunt for the boys is hilarious. I love how you appreciate the awesomeness of the fort.

Hitchcock Avenue? Perfect. :)

LadyStyx said...

My eyes are what many of my friends call kaleidoscope eyes. They like to change colors. One moment they'll be blueish and then they'll go green. Freaks peeps out.

Sounds like a wonderful adventure even if you ended up bitten up by skeeters.

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