Monday, September 21, 2009

Sea of Lists

I am just getting more preparations...and yes lists made, for the trip this week. I am going to miss my TV shows for like 3 major TV days, and I will NOT miss Supernatural or Fringe or Bones get the idea. So I have 3 vcr/dvr's at my disposal and it is just enough, if I tape at super slow speeds. Yes! So I have a list for that. I have a Things to Charge the Night Before list. I have a Things to Pack before going to Sleep list. I have a grocery list for the girls while we are gone list. I have a packing list for my Mom, she is bad at packing and waits to the last minute people, she needs my help! So yes, I am in a sea of Lists! I even wrote out a list of our layovers and flight lengths, etc. I like to know when I can get OFF the plane. I told you, I suck at traveling! The official TSA site finally emailed me, because while I am checking a bag (I like to overpack and I bring my own toiletries thank you very much), my parents are carrying theirs online. And my Dad is a Diabetic too, and he needs Byetta needles daily and to check his glucose regularly, so I needed to know if he had to have special permission to bring it on board. Apparently not, if you show the security people the equipment, so now I have to decide if I should bring mine. But if my Dad brings his and extra lancets, I should be fine I think.

I re-dyed my hair tonight. I want it to be it's shiniest reddest when I go out there. So if there is any pictures I want taken with a certain relative, my hair is at it's best. Roll your eyes if you must, but these pictures could be framed or put in albums so I want my hair to be ME.

See, even with all the newest lists I create, the red makes me smile! Remember, it is my Autumn time Red. My true Red is REDDDDDDD. But it fits my darker mood and will look nice since the leaves are already starting to change here in CT.

P.S. I can't recall if I posted this song before, but even if I did, I love the Jesse James song "Blue Jeans". She based it off the beats she heard when she was on a step team in college. So cool!

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Tori_z said...

It's always good to be organnised. :)

Hope you end up enjoying your trip. *Hugs*

Just wondering though... Is the list thing part of your OCD? Because Mam and I are wondering if my Dad has OCD. He has a list obsession (he has whole folders full of lists of various things) and gets in a real state if things don't happen as he planned them, when he planned them, in the order he planned them. And absolutely has to follow a spacific routine when he gets up, and has to have certain things done before he goes to bed. Just wondering if that sounds like OCD to you... Figured you'd be the best person to ask. Hope you don't mind my asking.

Yaya said...

I get major OCD and anxiety before a trip. Major.

Hope you have a safe and fun trip!

Jillene said...

Great hair color!! I hope that you have a good trip!!

Sheri said...

The hair dye looks great! :) Hope you have a really fun time!

Kayleigh said...

I've always wanted to see fall in the East. I hear it's beautiful. Good luck with travelling!

Lee said...

Love the hair! I want my hair to be that red, but it actually might be now that I'm looking at it.

mama-face said...

I always have a thousand lists before a trip; lists for lists even. :)

Your hair looks awesome. You will be stunning in all the photos. Hope you are having fun.

The fall premieres-love em.

LadyStyx said...

~NICE~ song....

*plays it again*

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