Monday, September 14, 2009

Fall Stories!!

Hello Upper Eastsiders, it's that time again...LOL! Just kidding. But it goes along perfectly with my post. The return of school means one thing, my most favorite time of the year. Fall TV premieres! Ahhhh I have been waiting months for you!

Finally I will get to see about Fringe's alternate universe. Watch whether Sylar/Nathan will learn he IS Sylar and not Nathan. If House really is crazy and what he will be like...*gasp*...vicodin-free!! Will Chuck really be able to stay faithful to Blair? Will One Tree Hill succeed with no Lucas or Peyton? Can the Lightman group keep fascinating me with their body reading skills? Will Castle looking into Beckett's moms murder sever their tenuous relationship? Why the crap was Ziva being beaten within an inch of her life? Will Naomi ever find out Liam slept with her sister and NOT killer Annie? Can short girls rock the modeling industry? Will Hotch live?!! How long is Booth's amnesia going to last, and will they ever bring Zak back already?!! Who will be the neswest baddie on Survivor, I hear this years guy is a doozie! Will someone please cleanup on aisle CSI, because it went down the tube last season right after Grissom left, and I worry it has been irrevocably destroyed! Can Sam and Dean fight Lucifer and win, and PLEASE Eric Kripke, give me more seasons or I will kill you I swear! You take Jensen Ackles away from me and I will KILL you! Can Jane ever get over his wife and daughter's death or will Red John destroy his life ALL over again? Will the time leap forward 5 years work for Melinda and Jim/Sam, or will her ghostly ways be ruined?! And how special is their son with powers unlike Melinda's, but GREATER? Will Allison wake up from her coma so she can continue to help Devalos put away bad guys? Can Charlie and Don save Amita? Do I care anymore, I can't decide!! Will Lois return from the future and what will she now know about Clark? And can Chloe get Clark to be himself again or is he lost for good? And please give me more Oliver/Green Arrow, because Justin Hartley (while married) is HOT! Now that Echo has a new handler, the FBI guy who cared about finding her, is she now stuck in the Dolhouse until her contract expires? And is that whole episode from the future (only on the dvd set) set in stone? Is that definitely where the show is going, because seeing Whiskey like that...not cool yo! And after all the crap she has been through, cancer, being held hostage, etc, did you have to make poor Lynette pregnant again? And with twins!! Again! And please tell me Ryan is either going to be phased out of the Walker's life, or he will get interesting, because so far...yawn! And less Kitty, more Justin and Kevin!

Ahhhhh...that felt good to get off my chest! LOL! YES I AM looking forward to the return of my shows. I record on many dvr's/vcr's and then watch them at my leisure later in the is MY time. Yay! Okay I may be clapping inside my head and hopping up and down. But I have mentioned repeatedly, Wendy = movie & TV addict. Yup, and proud of it!

So, Fall TV also means another exciting thing. NEW TV shows to try out! And there are some good looking ones on the menu this year. Melrose Place actually premiered this past week. I am not sure if I will be a faithful follower at this point. They trashed Melrose Place history by bringing Sydney back from the dead. I mean I SAW her die, and she was finally in a good place in her life. So her having faked her death? Stupid mockery of MP history. And then they do the ultimate sin on top of that. KILL her within 5 minutes of the show's premiere! I am not invested at this point in ANY other character, so why would you kill the golden goose?! Morons!!

NCIS:Los Angeles I will give you a shot. But you better step it up from your NCIS crossover, because you were not all that interesting. And the characters are what makes NCIS work! The only character that piqued my interest was the psychologist guy. Even my beloved L.L. needs some oomph of personality, otherwise I will sump your sorry butts ASAP!! Get with the program or make room for a better CBS drama!

The Forgotten looks interesting. And I love that they have added Christian Slater to the mix now. People whose job it isn't, work to try and give victims back their identities. All the characters have different reasons for doing this and I think that dynamic, plus solving these "cases" could be very interesting.

Glee I am only trying you out because I like the singing. That is all I have to say besides, get more amusing, or I QUIT you!

Mercy looks promising. I like the idea of an ER drama from the nurses point of view. And I hated Hawthorne, so I am ready for a good one. I like the idea of the main character being just out of the army and now has to transfer from soldier nurse to dealing with everyday people and problems. Not just amputations and other serious illnesses now. Now we have alzheimer's and plastic surgery and such.

I admit it, I look forward to trying out The Beautiful Life. I like drama, and one about the modelling world sounds like a fun ride. Lots of talented actors too, including Mischa Barton, Sara Paxton and Corbin Bleu. I want to see behind the scenes of the so-called SUPER models, and what they are really like...and eat...and act. LOL.

Eastwick looks fun. I am not sure HOW they can turn that awesome movie into a series that can go on a long time, but I am willing to go along for the ride and see if I feel the magic. If the show can be even HALF as good as the movie, then I will be hooked. I love magic and fantasy, and humor on top of it all? That would be icing on top of one delicious cake!

Flash Forward looks like THE show of the 2009 TV show premieres! What an awesome concept. The whole world blacks out for 2 minutes and 17 seconds and sees a glimpse of their futures in 6 months. And not everyone is happy with what they see. So you have people doing whatever they can to change their futures, and then you have the desperate people who are crazed trying to make sure this future DOES happen! And the cast is stellar!! Dominic Monaghan, John Cho, Joseph Fiennes, etc!! This show is going to be dynamite!!

I saw the premiere of The Vampire Diaries and so far it seems interesting. 80% off from the books they are based on, but that is okay with me. I would like it if I don't know which way they are going with the characters. They made characters that don't exist in L.J. Smith's books, they made people related who are FAR from it in the books. So I am hoping Kevin Williamson will go with his own direction and leave the human-to-vampire-to-dead-to-angel-to- human again thing to Smith. She makes it all make sense, in it's own way, and that may be too much for a TV show. So Kevin, bring on that creativity that made Dawson's Creek one of the WB's first hits (after Buffy of course).

And I am going to try Three Rivers for one simply delicious reason. Alex O'Loughlin. He played the dreamy vampire Mick St. John on Moonlight before they foolishly took that away, and he is simply jaw-droppingly beautiful! And they are transplant surgeons, or some such nonsense. Did I mention I will try it because of Alex? Mmmm!

That is it for shows premiering this fall. There are some I am looking forward to for the mid-season, but best to talk about them when they are almost premiering, and are a definite GO.

What shows are you excited to see return? And which new ones are you willing to give a shot? I am all ears! Let's talk TV!!

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TeeTee said...

I think I might start to watch The Vampire Diaries... ah!
I love fall t.v.... especially Gossip Girl!

Jillene said...

I am glad that Fall season is starting too. Now I can catch up on all my favs like House, and Bones.

Joanne said...

Hey I understood almost all of that. Geesh I could sit and disect all of these with the fans - our PVR is going to be working overtime and just when I think that I am watching too much TV I realize I am only just scratching the surface (thank goodness!!).

Here's to Fall and pass the popcorn. said...

I just did this post :) LOVE fall TV time!!!!!

Sheri said...

I love fall premieres too! I was really unenthusiastic after seeing Melrose Place though, it was a major disappointment. It "might" get better though. I liked OTH and GG last night though!

CaJoh said...

Thank you for your reviews of the new shows. Glad to get the lowdown first so I know what to expect.

I do remember getting just as excited when the new cartoon lineup was announced. I swear I used to get up at 6 and watched all of the new cartoons until noon. They just don't do that anymore.

LadyStyx said...

Looks like we watch alot of the same stuff. I have to remember to add Vampire Diaries to the watch looks promising. I also need to add Eastwick.

Izzy said...

I LOVE YOU WENDY I just thought you should know ^_^


Lee said...

My mom is friends with the guy that produced Moonlight. I was SO PISSED when he told us that it wasn't coming back again. But he said he was guaranteed another show, and there it is. :)

Tori_z said...

Hope your shows don't disappoint you too much.

Sorry, but I'm one of those people who isn't all that bothered about the TV. There are some TV shows I do enjoy, but I'm one of those people who isn't bothered if I miss some of the episodes. Now, if I miss a book from a series I enjoy... That's another matter. But TV shows don't tend to capture my interest as much as books do.

Jessica♥ said...

haha I love it! Gossip Girl! SYTYCD, Glee, ANTM. So great. =]

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