Sunday, September 13, 2009

Bad Food, Good Flick + A Winner

Sam took me and the parents out to dinner tonight. My Dad was really PRO Ruby Tuesdays, and though I don't particularly like it, or my Mom, we agreed to go. I was told they had changed their menu again, so I was willing to give it a shot. We sat down and looked over the menu...had it changed much? Nope. It was mostly burgers, which is NOT what Ruby Tuesday's was all about when it first opened. I used to love the menu and the salad bar. Now, salad bar is still there, but the menu just, to me, sucks. If I wanted just a good gourmet-ish burger, I would go to Red Robin...which also has a better selection of food, I KNOW those burgers are good. But I decided to go with something new, in hopes I'd find a gem, so I ordered the Chicken Fresco. (A fresh, all-natural grilled chicken breast topped with seasonal vine-ripened tomatoes, lemon-butter sauce, and a splash of balsamic vinaigrette. Served with fresh, steamed broccoli and white cheddar mashed potatoes.) Sounds yummy right? So I went with that and to save Sam money, I forgoed the salad bar. I also ordered a Strawberry Lemonade.

Well the first thing I think is a problem at R.T., is that unless you get the salad bar, you sit there starving until your meal is served. No bread, or rolls, or anything. Which I think is a huge mistake. Especially when other people at the table did get the salad bar, or got is AS their meal, and you watch them eat and are dying of hunger and they finish before you even get your beverage. Yup, apparently making a strawberry lemonade is really hard and time consuming. When I finally got it, I was starving so I took a few big gulps, and gasped at the horrid taste I got as it went down! It was disgusting! And all 4 of us ended up trying it and hating it. We have no idea if the lemonade was rancid or if there was alcohol in it, but it was grotesque! I sent it back and asked that it be taken off the check. I was NOT willing to give them another chance (or 25 minutes) to get it right. Yuck! I could not get the taste out of my mouth either. Finally my meal arived and the add on turkey burgers for Dad and Sam. My Mom just had salad bar and was long done. The first 2 bites I thought were delicious, then I realized it was just because I was so hungry. When I actually tasted my food, I realized the chicken had NO flavor...uhm where is this lemon-butter sauce??! And it was tough. And the potatoes were too strong for ME, the potato lover. I was starving so I ate a bunch of Sam's fries. The rough chicken was just not good and not filling. My Mom picked at it too, and while she liked the potatoes, she hated the chicken and non-sauce too. It just felt like a big frustrating waste to me.

We went back home and I looked up movie times for Sorority Row. My Mom said she would go see it with me, even though she doesn't LOVE horror movies, but she does better than anyone else with them. So we went to a 10:05 showing. Saw some good movie trailers, I have seen before. Like The Stepfather, and The Box. Cool looking movies! And then I saw a BRAND new trailer for New Moon that rocked!! And I have seen many posted online here and on trailer sites. It was awesome!

I really liked the movie. It had the traditional horror movie formula that I think is a winner and doesn't need to be mutilated. Examples of mutilating the formula is gross horror like The Hostel movies or The Hills Have Eyes franchise which I have never and will never watch. It reminded me of the reason I first started to like scary movies. The overall sense just reminded me of the past of the horror genre, but in a good way. It was well made and had unexpected twists, which is why my Mom said she didn't hate it. She liked the surprises they gave us. As you may have gotten from the commercials, Meagan wants some revenge on her boyfriend for cheating on her. So with the help of 5 of her sorority sisters (well 3 knew about it, 2 were in the dark) , she devises a plan to make her boyfriend think he killed her. And the 5 sisters help Garrett out when he freaks out because Meagan is foaming at the mouth, and help him bring Meagan to a hospital, but they get "lost" on the way. Then Meagan "dies" and they decide what would be best is if they hack up her body and get rid of the evidence. But they are so convincing to Garrett (and one of these sisters is his REAL sister), that while they are not looking, he takes the tire iron and shoves it into her chest. You see, they made comments about her not sinking if she had air in her lungs so he decided to SOLVE that problem. Only now Meagan is dying, and while Cass and Ellie try to save her, she dies. Most of them want to go get help immediately, but then Queen-Bee Jessica starts reminding them all of what they will lose. And that Garrett, Chugs own brother, will go to prison. Chugs does not like this, so she starts agreeing with Jessica, and then Claire is agreeing too. Her father would die if he found out what they had done. Cassidy was like NO, we have to tell, this was a joke gone wrong and it was Garrett that killed her. She asks Ellie to go along with her, but Ellie is the weak one and caves. So then Garrett threatens Cass, and she is all, what are you going to do, kill me? Which makes him collapse. She walks off, trying to get cell reception. The other 4 wrap up Meagan's body and bring her to what looks like a well to me, but is a mine shaft. They shove the body in and you hear it when it hits the bottom. Cass shows up, saying she can't get cell reception and asks WHAT did they do. They then all turn on her. They wrapped up Cass's coat with Meagan, so if she blabs, they will all say SHE killed Meagan. So this solidifies the Tell No One decision.

So 8 months go by and the girls graduate. Cass has distanced herself from the sorority and lives with her boyfriend Andy. She is however, expected to go to the graduation luncheon because her Mom is a former member and will expect it. And while she is there, they ase her to help set up for the Graduation night party and she finally agrees to for Ellie's sake. Ellie is so weak and emotional. That is when they all get a text of the bloody tire iron and Chugs decided it is just her brother and his new weird sense of humor. Oh if only it was just a joke. This is where the deaths begin. And you keep thinking, okay it has to be this person, but the killer is so unexpected, that is what makes it a good scary movie! Sure the reasons the killer kills are insane, but so are Jason's reasons, or Freddie's, etc. The killer IS insane after all. But it is just so, Whoa, I did not see that one coming, that makes it so good. I liked it. And I liked that it had a resolved ending. Sure there is one thing that makes it either possible to have a sequel, or something to always make you wonder, but that was cool too.

Who is the killer? Do any of the sisters make it out alive? Is it Meagan back from the dead? Is the one person, Cass, who wanted to get help spared? You will have to go see it to find out, because I am not spoiling the ending, or who gets killed, how, and why! :)

ALSO, The Winner of the $10 Stop and Shop card IS: Julie!! Email me your info and the card will be on it's way!

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Sarah said...

I used to work at Ruby's but haven't eaten there since I found out their turkey burger has near 900 calories!! WHAT?! I ordered that thinking I was being healthy and was very surprised to hear that. All I can say about the lemonades is that when I bartended there the bartenders had to make them...might be why it took so long...or your server just stunk!

Kristina P. said...

I actually love RT. In fact, there's one close to work and I often get their salad bar to go.

I think they have a pretty extensive menu. Mmmmm, I'm really hungry right now.

The Boob Nazi said...

Meagan can't come back from the dad.... It's Audrina Partridge and she probably can't act. They wouldn't chance it haha.

Sheri said...

Sounds interesting! I haven't eaten at Ruby Tuesdays for a long time... probably since high school lol. Congrats to the winner too! :)

LadyStyx said...

Personally, I would have called over the manager and told I'd write corporate and let them know too (make sure you put in the location number so they know who to correct).

Lee said...

I've never been to Ruby Tuesday's. I've been to Red Robin once, and never again will I go. I got a burger that tasted like BLOOD, and fries that still had DIRT ON THE SKINS.
It was the NASTIEST thing.

And now I'm looking up the ending to that movie. So NEH.

Yaya said...

I do NOT do good with horror films. Any kind. I totally have nightmares.

Tori_z said...

Sorry you didn't enjoy your meal. At least you enjoyed the movie though. :)

Jessica♥ said...

the only ruby tuesdays I've ever been too was in florida.

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