Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Teen Idols and Angels

I am currently obsessed with watching Confessions of a Teen Idol. I find it absolutely fascinating. I know all the guys on there, even if I didn't watch them/listen to them. I mean this show is addictive! You have 7 guys who used to be teen idols, who want that fame back. They wanna be in movies, tv, on the radio again, whatever.
You've got a guy from Fame, one from TJ Hooker, he had THE hair. You got the guy from the original Blue Lagoon (still a good looking man). Jamie Walters whose song I loved, and he did get a bad rap from 90210 when they turned his character into an abuser...signs went from I ♥ Jaime to STOP HITTING DONNA! That helped burn his career. You have David Chok....something, he played Cody on Baywatch. The blonde one. You have Jeremy Jackson, who was Hasselhoff's kid on Baywatch before drugs and that sex tape ruined him. Sad, he is HOTTTTT! Look at the chiseled cheek bones on "Hobie"! And he has been clean for 8 years now, so go Jeremy! And then you have Eric Nies...those of you who don't know him from Real World Season 1 or The Grind...well I don't know what to say. He WAS hot. Still could be, but Eric has changed. How you may ask? Well David arrived at the house with a pickup truck of strange excercise equipment and box after box after cooler of grains and nuts and wheatgrasses and other green things that look scary. He looks scary. Like some hippie that hasn't taken a good shower or shave in a year or two. But it was like, alright, he likes to be healthy now and is a bit of a hippie. Not so fast. He only sleeps on this weird thing, he drinks these grass green shakes all the time, he makes the other guys try them, talks about cleansing colons all the time, proper bowel movements,etc. HE is a nut. When they tried to do make-overs he refused basically ALL the clothes they showed him in the store. Finally they found something he was okay with made with natural fibers,etc, and he was appeased. *rolls eyes* Yeah cuz I would SO refuse new pricey clothes to improve my image!! And on the last episode I saw...he uses his own urine as a hair rinse. Pees into a cup and runs it over and throught his hair. Says it what makes his hair THAT shiny...yeah it is shiny, and he even brought up websites after he showed Jeremy this, which showed how many cultures use urine for many things...yeah it didn't impress them either. Eric is just WEIRD now.

Anyway, Jeremy is really good-looking as I said, and I could see him landing roles on tv or movies IF he has talent, he WAS a kid on Baywatch, so we will see. David Cho.... he is just a pretty face. He refused some of the excercises the guys had, like try out for an Aussie commercial, which most of the guys jumped at eagerly, but he was all " I don't want to be known as a commercial guy, that will pigeon-hole me", even after Baio and Hervey (both ex tv stars and now the producers) reminded him that HUGE stars do commercials, he refused. Loser. No one remembers him for anything but a bare chest on Baywatch and he sneers at commericals?! He won't make it, go back to modeling dude. Eric...uhhh he was on reality tv and then a excercise show...WHAT he thought he could get back into, I have no idea. And he left at the end of the last episode I saw. They, all the 7 guys, were giving away something that included themselves, for an auction for charity. All the guys made from $800 to $2000. Eric goes up and is all "a night with me and I will serve you a raw food picnic"....and there were crickets it got so silent. No one was interested. Then someone said "$100 for every article of clothing you are willing to take off: and he was pissed, NO, he flat out said. Fially, one person said $1000 if you take your shirt off. Now I didn't think THAT was a big deal. He was known for The Grind, where he never had a shirt on, and the dude walks around bare-chested all the time. But the look in his eyes, and for this the guys were going DO IT, It's for charity! And zen-master is ALL about charity. And $1000 is halfway to a well, this charity is Drop In The Bucket, giving other countries wells to drink from. So he ended up doing it.

But I didn't realize how angry he would be, I knew he was pissed, but until he talked to Adrian Zmed as he was packing his truck back up, I didn't think of it from his eyes. The old Eric would have whipped his clothes off until he was in his skivvies. MAybe even less, did anone else SEE him on the Real World/Road Rules challenges? But, he has spent years trying to get away from that image and in one night, he felt degraded all over again, something he never wanted to feel again, so he left. Which bummed a lot of the guys out, especially Jeremy who Eric had convinced to do a 7 day colon cleanse with those shakes and now Eric is gone on Day 3 and took most of his...grasses...with him.

Anyway, some of these "tasks" have been good for them, some bad. And they do group therapy, which has been a real eye opener for some of them. But even TV Guide knocked the show for what they did on the first episode. The guys were told 1000 of their fans were going to be at an event with them, and they got dolled up and arrived and were behind the red curtains, hearing the appleause, feeling the electricity of being BACK, and the curtains part...to just Scott Baio and the Hervey guy from Wonder Years. It was like a punch in the gut. TV Guide aid it was like kicking a kitten! It was supposed to teach them how fleeting fame is, but I gotta say, it just made me angry for them. Other things have been really good. Confronted with a person who was either negatively or positively effected by their fame. That was amazing for some of the guys, they finally saw how it affected a sister, a brother, a friend, etc. Then there are ones that are just, sorry guys, entertaining for US. The guys sat behind a secret mirror while a panel discussed them from an old pic to an updated pic. Ohhh only Chris Atkins got good remarks. They say he could be a Robert Redford actor, but poor Jeremy, he had long hair before the makeover, was called a drug dealer, etc. because of his look. Ouch, when you are a recovering addict.

So I am sorry, it is brainless mind candy, but it is good fun! They have 5 of the episodes in entirety on VH1 so if you dare, go watch it!

And here is Jaime's one hit wonder, How Do You Talk to an Angel. And in the video is the cast of The Heights, his first show which I liked and they yanked it after like 3 episodes!

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LadyStyx said...

It's a real shame that Jamie Walter's career went the way it did. I always said he got a bad rap for the way they crushed his character like that. He's got a wonderful voice...

CaJoh said...

I guess eye-candy is what it is. Perhaps that's why I don't like shows like that. Of course being out of the demographic that these shows appeal to makes more sense.

You are one of the featured followers I highlighted on Tuesday Tribute today. Enjoy,

in time out said...

Fun Post. Thanks for the smile.

I came by to tell you Happy Valentines...come by for a valentine, right click copy it; like an award...for you. Thanks for being my bloggie friend. Read ya later!

Kristina P. said...

I've caught a bit of this show. COnsidering it's reality TV, I should be recording it.

Natalie said...

Sounds interesting! You really drew me in. I may have to check it out!

Dads(2) said...

hmmm, just might have to watch!

ramsam said...

I remember that song...I have to admit, I never really liked it! Boo me..I am mean!

So said...

I do enjoy this show myself. When I can catch it on!

Lee said...

Urine...? In his hair?
Okay that's just nasty.
His hair must smell completely great, huh?
I want to beat the hippie out of him.

Anonymous said...

this made me laugh.. interesting how people age like grapes, either turn out to be fine wines or raisins. LOL

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