Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy VD, yes I Made this.,,

Yes it is officially that Hearts a Flutter Day known as Valentine's Day. The Day the Man invented to get you to shell out more money on cards and candy, just because he could. Do I like candy? Yes. Do I like the fuzzy pj pants my parents gave me that are white with hearts and rainbows on them? Why...yes. Still, as I have no real Valentine, unless you include Max, I CAN harp that the holiday is just silly. Even if it is a sweet every way!LOL!

Anyway, I decided to share with you the VD card I designed for my Illustration class. Hand painted, even those tinyyyyyy letters. Please to "get my card" you HAVE to CLICK on the picture!! Please, do so now. I will wait.

You like? I like! Okay, just in case any of you are really having a ...bad night (see I was kind as it is Valentine's Day), this is what the "chinese" says if you look sideways. Die you freakin' jerk. Heehee! I love it! My sister Sam, when she was a senior in high school, asked if she could scan it and make copies for her friends, and she did! I thought that was awesome! LOL!

And I also decided, after I painted it, that the VD could also stand for Vinereal Disease. LOL! I mean it could work for either I think. I was inspired with the chinese saying part by searching for hours the web for an idea of what kind of card to do, so I can't take complete credit for that idea, but the rest, all mine. Including it being a VD card. I find it tasteful and honest. Refreshing if you will, LOL.

I was really proud of this, especially the shading on the inside (right hand half) of the card, that goes from completely black to completely red. I do love acrylics...too bad the brand I love is not so cheap. It is not BAD, I mean I have seen WAY worse...prices I mean. I like Liquitex (I think that's it) and Golden is not bad, but it starts to go up there in price. That is art classes though. My color class, where all we used were paints, brushes and paper supplies? Over $300 just for supplies, the class of course was way more. Maybe at that time it might have been 700 - 800 bucks, so a thousand at least for one class...but I LOVED it! I even took it again a few years later, luckily I had most of the supplies still, just needed more paints in certain colors. Sorry I may be rambling!!

Watched my Christmas copy of Prince Caspian (uh hello, Chronicles of Narnia) with the whole fam tonight, that never happens. And it just upset me again that Susan and Peter won't be in the next one, which they ARE making as we speak. If they made the last of the 7 books as the one after that, I would be happy. I know things now from a website that make me happier with how it all ends. And man, who knew people saw that much christianity in these books, I never thought of it until I saw it on wickipedia!!

My ABC soaps didn't tape today...*sniffle*....I can get GH online at but not AMC or OLTL, and they looked SO is cliffhanger FRIDAY!! *sobs* Okay I am trying to gain my composure back.

8 meaningful meanderings:

Kristina P. said...

That card is awesome and clever!

Kristina P. said...

Oh, and just remember, Edward is only a fictional character. It's OK. I'm pretty sure he doesn't take it personally when I mock him.

CaJoh said...

Such the talented artist. I hope you have others as well. Way Cool.

Happy VD (valentines day) to you as well.

Anonymous said...

You can buy the soap review magazine for the week.

We are too much alike: Joshua Radin AND Survivor!

Happy VD Day! (love it! Ha!)

Natalie said...

You are so TALENTED! Why aren't you making these professionally anyway?

Lee said...

I should pay you to paint me things.
I have no actual talent in the department.

LadyStyx said...

Awesome card!

Mother Goose said...

lol, loved your very creative and original VD card! LOL, oh so glad it's not VD, you know the disease.
ok, on that note. I'm gone.

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