Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Push Dead Like Me, Edward

I was pleased, okay very pleased with two things today! And this is after having a 48 hour period where I got a total of 11 hours of sleep, so me being pleased when I am lacking in the sleep department, is A-mazing.

First pleasing thing is "Dead Like Me: Life After Death" got out on dvd today. It is a follow-up movie for the *sob* cancelled series Dead Like Me. And while it has no Rube(Mandy Patinkin) *sob* in it, it has George and her fellow reapers, Roxy and Mason, so I am very excited to see it. Can't see it yet though, I rented 4 movies from Redbox. Quarantine, HSM 3, Body of Lies and How to Lose Friends and Alienate People (the guy from Shaun of the Dead, which is hysterical btw). So after I listen to Eclipse on cd for two hours (we agreed to limit me, otherwise I get all OCD and try to listen to all 13 cd's in one night...which is impossible, that is like 30 hours of read-aloud book...and I did it in 3 last time and was a tired wreck so limits it is! Or wil try to be. Anyway, I am so psyched to see my beloved reapers again, Mason (Callum Blue) is HOT and hysterical! Yeah when he was alive he tried to get the untimate high by drilling a hole into his head...yeah he didn't achieve that goal, he died. And became a very...interesting reaper, LOL.

The second pleasing thing was going to see the movie, Push. I don't care what any review may have said ( I really don't listen to them), I really enjoyed this movie. During WWII, the Germans searched for a way to make a psychic army with powers that would make them indestructible. They were unsuccessful, but the US continued their experimentation, until they became successful with some. But if you refused to join the "division", they hunted you down and executed you. But many got away and had families, children. And that is where the story takes place. In the lives of a few second-generation young people.

Nick (Chris Evans) had found a safe place in Hong Kong, or so he thought. He is a "mover" he can move things with his mind, stop things in their tracks, make his punch have a little more...oomph. Unfortunately, "sniffers" find him. Any object you have touched, they can see what has transpired, etc. And even though 10 years had passed since his father was murdered by the Division while he hid, his old toothbrush had finally led them to him and they took his new one so they could find him again. But as much as they wanted to pick him up, they were searching for another, a young woman and they "saw" that Nick hasn't been around this woman. And Carver, the pusher who killed Nick's father was in Hong Kong.

You see, the Division was still experimenting, with a new drug, and all the ability people they had tried it on had died. As did this young woman, but then she was alive again and she escapes taking a syringe of the drug with her, using her "pusher" abilities, they can "push" specific thoughts, memories, and emotions into their targets. This technique can be used to gain a subject's trust or to make them perform any action, even suicide, without question. And she was patient 00. She held the answers to how she survived and how to make others survive, so she was...top priority.

Once Nick was alone another knock came, the voice that came through the door said she had a new toothbrush for him, which is an interesting first hello. Enter Cassie (Dakota Fanning), trying to lure him into her "mission" with the promise of 6 million dollars. She was a "watcher" so she could see the future, and she said if they found the young woman the sniffers were after, they would find 6 million dollars. Nick was wary as why didn't she just find this girl herself. But as Cassie explains the future is contantly changing, and she was not the strongest of watchers. Plus she was a bad artist, which is not helpful as watchers try to get what they see down on paper. But Nick thinks it is bull and as he begins to ditch her, Cassie has a vision and runs screaming that they are on their way. They are attacked by a Hong Kong based family of special powers, the Triad, mostly "bleeders" whose high-pitched sonic vibrations can inflict intense damage on living tissue and inanimate objects. Nick is being killed as he "moves" Cassie away. But the daughter stops her brothers, as she is a watcher, she sees that Nick can lead them to the young woman, Kira. Cassie finds Nick abandoned and has a stitcher who owes her mother a favor fix him(they can perform psychic surgeries, instantly repairing or inflicting lethal trauma). And Cassie hands him a lotus blossom. Which is where they story really begins. Right before he had Nick hide, his father told him a girl would one day approach him and give him a flower. She would be on a mission and he MUST do what she says in order to "save us all." And thus, Nick is bound to Cassie's mission. Which does NOT involve money. She knows she must find this girl and a case she has, in order to save everyone. Herself, Nick and even her own mother, who is the worlds stongest watcher and had been captured by the Division. Even though she keeps seeing her own death, she does not sway from this mission. Kira (Camilla Belle) wakes up not remembering anything of the tests, but finds herself in Hong Kong, being hunted.

Will Kira be found by Cassie and Nick before the Division goons get ahold of her? Is finding her really in Cassie and Nick's best interest? As Cassie's drawings lead them further in their quest, dragging in shadowers (can shield an area/person from detection), shifters (can transmute objects for a short time. For example a one dollar bill a shifter changes to a hundred dollar bill could stay that way for hours) and a sniffer who can help them find Kira. And could there be a connection between Nick and Kira? And as Kira gets sicker and sicker, side effects of the drug, when or if they find Kira, will Nick turn her back to Carver to save her life? Will the Triad get ahold of Kira first? When Carver finds Cassie, will he let her live...how will his decision affect the future? Can Nick figure out a plan that saves him, Kira, Cassie, their friends and Cassie's mom? A plan that will stop the Division and the Triad both? What is a Wiper and how does he fit into this stoey and plan? Will the Triad's watcher kill Cassie as she plans? Does Kira even know who she really is? Is she good or bad? And can what is in that syringe save them all or kill them all? And WHAT does soy sauce have to do with it all? Grab your movie bag full of cabdy contraband and run to the theaters to find out!! I so see a sequel and I better NOT be disappointed, as I loved this movie so much! I love abilities what can I say?

I also finished listening to chapter 9 of Eclipse, book 3 in the Twilight series, and am LOVING it. Edward rocks, and I want to kick Jakob in the groin for saying he'd rathe her be dead than be a vampire. SHUT IT werewolf!!

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in time out said...

I love your ramblings. I totally get you. happy day. ♥

in time out said...

you and me...up all night. YES, see the movie. It is AMAZING. Let me know what you think!!!

kel said...

I loved Dead Like Me!!

Kristina P. said...

I don't think I ever saw Dead Like Me.

Anonymous said...

I don't think I have even heard of it? I am sheltered here.
p.s. since I stalk you, I added you as a facebook friend.
I have been facebooking more than blogging lately, please be my friend.

rychelle said...

i've never heard of that show.

your book review cracked me up.

Anonymous said...

I know exactly what you mean being OCD and needing to finish something!

Lee said...

The DVD came out?!?
I need to get it!
But first, I need to finish the series.
Finished the first season.

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