Friday, February 20, 2009

Flitting from One Thought to Another

Just finished Chapter 20 of Eclipse...I SO love Edward and Bella. Personally, the second Edward brought up marriage in New Moon, I would have been all over that, but I shall forgive Bella, as I love her character so much. Please...character, they are SO real to me, and if that makes me happy, I give you a raspberry if you disagree!! I am GLAD I waited until she wrote ALL the books before I started with them, as I could NOT handle the time in between!! I get to go less crazy than the people who waited the years for the series!!

Man, happiness in Daytime's first gay marriage did NOT last poor Binks. Greenlee "died" the night of her and Reese's wedding, and then Bianca found out about the kiss between Reese and Zach, her brother in law...though Reese kissed HIM. And so Binks is off to Paris, which means Eden Riegel is gone....luckily she will be back in a few months to wrap up the story with Reese. Yay!

My friend Connie is in London as I mentioned to a few people, and I get to be kept up to date with her adventures through her blog. She got a special...something...through BYU and is there until March I believe and she is an English major, so the girl can write SO well about her adventures, it can almost feel like experiencing it yourself. And she is getting to go to France and Scotland soon, I am so jealous! Such a cool oppurtunity! And she is such a great girl! I was one of her coaches for YW b-ball one year and "Twinkle-Toes" (her nickname), she was the heart of the team, which I don't think she has ever known. She was their cheerleader, and she just tried her best, encouraged the others and had FUN! That is what we wanted for all the girls, but some were just...wanting to win way too much, or getting themselves so upset that our team wasn't too good, that they cried after every game. It takes time to get a team that has even a few really good players and they just couldn't get that. So my sister and I were not asked to be coaches the next year...which is a shame, we knew what we were doing, we were on our wards inital YW team!! I had been assistant coach for the YW team for about 7 years, then some others tried for a few years but couldn't hack it before we took over. And the reason we both believe we were not asked back? Well two reasons, we think. One, the Mom of the crying girls did not like that her daughter cried....did we yell at them after for losing, or be mean coaches? No, we told them good try, this girl is just a crier like her mom! The second reason? We did not win even one game...poor girls. But getting a team on it's feet that has only some raw talent takes time!
I was 14 when our ward decided to take part. Kate was 12. The first game? We losy bu 57 points...we had 0!! That whole first season was one laugh for the audience after another. And we always struggled for years, but Katie became the point guard to be afraid of, we gained players with more experience, we got our own skills (I had a killer corner shot that I never missed...back then) and finally my Senior Year in high school, we won the Stake tournament and Regionals! That took us 4 years, although we were doing really good by year 2. So see, it takes more than one season to develop skills and the communication between players. Most of these girls had neevr played before except my friend Connie, and trying to get them to PASS the ball and NOT stand still and get open for passes so shots could be made...was never that well achieved. We even got older brothers to scrimmage so they could develop better defense skills, but some were concerned with their nails or looking pretty (oy), and then there were the 2 sisters who only sometimes showed up in gym clothes, they refused to practice if their hair was nice and they had cute outfts for mutual on (this was infuriating they knew practice was first). And there were the 2 sisters who only sometimes could make it to practice or to games...if you make a committment to a team, keep the committment. One or two misses, and of course if you are sick stay home, but this was just hard on the other girls. When you only have 5 girls at a game, they have to play the WHOLE game, and some have asthma!! So, not getting to stick with these girls who we loved, faults and all, because we didn't win was just plain crazy. Consistency is what they needed. We had b-ball clinics even, our Dad is a professional b-ball referee!! I think it was a poor decision on some of the parents end to force this decision on the Bishop. We and the girls really got along well, we nicknamed them all and gave them certificates with their name and told them why we picked the names. Did I have my faves? Okay yes I am so bad. And Connie was one of them, which was why when I found out her family was moving to Utah I was so upset! Connie is a breath of fresh air, in everything she did, she is just a delight, and has a huge heart, and has no cruel streak in her bones. Well siblings don't count, so go for it Con!!LOL! She is my friend, and I'd like to think, now that we are both adults, if she were here, she would be a really good friend. She is that cool and amazing, the kind of girl/woman that you would all want as a friend.

Who watched Lost last night?! I was so psyched to see them all on the plane...except what IS up with Aaron?! He was part of Oceanic 6!! Did Kate give him to Claire's mom? And if Claire is NOT dead...which we may not find out until next season...won't she be pissed that her kid is gone...forever?!!! I would be!!

And anyone lese watch Top Chef? Down to the final episodes!! Stefan is gone, haha!! Way too cocky he and Stefan both! I am sad the Jeff's second chance didn't get him to the final three! I am not thrilled with the final three. Carla has quite a few screws loose, Josea has never impressed me...Stefan DOES deserve to be there, he is good, but do I want to root for someone who thinks he deserves it all? No. I can't believe Jamie was kicked off, she really impressed me and I would have rooted for her. I am so missing Project Runway, they need to settle these legal matters pronto!! Even the whole "Watchmen" movie debacle seems to be resolved as it has a release date, so what is the problem-O?!!
*Jaime of Top Chef

Is that enough flitting from one subjest to another.....I suppose so! Ohh and did I mention using pee in his hair Eric Nies is back on Confessions of a Teen Idol? He is, more gross pee fun!!

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Anonymous said...

Sorry you weren't asked back as coaches. That's lame. Over something like 'winning'. Blah. I mean, if it was a division one college, sure, but this is not that.

Mother Goose said...

Oh my goodness you have like 5 posts in one! LOL
yes i love the Twilight series.

i don't watch lost or gay marriage. I have been contemplating watching lost. I know I will just get hooked!

LOL, oh my goodness, It's CHURCH ball where it is almost understood we will have more fellowshipping and everyone plays despite the LOSS. too funny, your girls were way competitive.

Jillene said...

I just wanted to thank you for all of your kind words. It really means a lot!!

Sheri said...

I have to agree with the Twilight reading! I am glad I waited until they were all out to read because I flew through them and read them all in days. Yeah, I kinda read all day and night... and then I read them again a few weeks later. lol

I love Lost too! I don't know where Kate took Aaron, but I was thinking she probably took him to Claire's Mom since she is the grandmother. But who knows? The show is crazy! lol

ramsam said...

LOST is sweet, now that I have surrendered to the sci-fi elements (love me some Jack Shepherd, man) and I knew LOcke would come back to life! I can't wait to see what kind of supernatural freak he will be now! LOve It!

CaJoh said...

In high school gym class we played basketball with the guys from the basketball team. I always was told to "get the rebound, get the rebound" never had a chance to shoot.

Kristina P. said...

Love Top Chef. I think that Carla has a good shot at winning. SHe does sort of annoy me though.

rychelle said...

glad you're finding so much enjoyment in the twilight series!

Lee said...

1. I did the same thing with the books. I waited until they all came out to start reading them.
2. I should go overseas and write about my adventures since I'm an english major. When I actually WRITE it's good. When I'm blogging... not so much.
3. I want Project Runway back, too!!!

LaurieJ said...

Your church ball stories make me laugh. 57-0?? We have a couple of games on Saturday and I am hoping for a little better. Maybe 47-2? As long as the girls have fun :-)

Mina said...

I am a big Twilight fan, too. I "found" them last winter, so I did have a torturous wait for the 4th book. I actually don't watch the other things you watch. But I did play church ball as a youth. My dad was our coach until the stake mandated that women coach girls. My dad wasn't a member, so I thought it was a good missionary op, but no dice.

Viva Las Vegas said...

I love LOST, and Jeff from TC. Yes it was so sad he did not win, but Carla seems like a real nice gal, and is darn good. I think they screwed up on the View the other day, and said the winner. I will not tell you unless you want to know. Glad you are so happy with your books. I need to start reading myself. I use to love Clive Barker books. Ever read his stuff? You need to be flying your freak flag for those stories.

Constance Marie said...

Okay Wendy, so I was just coming to your blog to catch up on the last few posts, and imagine my surprise seeing my name! You said so many wonderful things about me, you seriously made me cry. Thank you so much, it means a lot to me, especially right now. And oh my gosh that totally brought me back to those church ball days! They were hilarious. You are right, I had absolutely no talent on the court, but I sure had fun losing! Hahaha I loved those days. Keep writing, Wendy. You are so wonderful.

The Boob Nazi said...

I've been to Scotland. It's fabulous.

kel said...

GLad you are loving the Twilight series.. I just didn't get Bella. the whole waiting for marriage but not sex seemed weird to me.

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