Tuesday, February 17, 2009

An ode to AMC/Daytime's First Gay Marriage

Ahh it was a momentous day for Daytime Soaps today, I just finished watching daytime's first gay marriage on All My Children. They are both gorgeous brides, it makes ya sick, but it is daytime, so what did I expect. Nothing less. And Eden Riegel's Bianca, is a favorite of mine. She caught my attention when I was flipping through the channels one day. I read Soap Opera Digest so I knew they had made Erica Kane's daugher Bianca gay. But I tuned in one day and found out she had been raped and was pregnant. I already feel sick when rape is even mentioned and it is never okay, but to me it was even worse because the one man Bianca had "sex" with was her rapist. That would be her experience with heterosexual "sex". It just immediatley enraged me all the more.

But what drew me in even more, was after years of not getting along with her half-sister Kendall (the awesome Alicia Minshew), she was the one person she told and felt she could turn to (how could she tell her Mom she was a victim the same way her mom had been?). And Kendall ended up being the reason why Binks decided to keep the baby. Kendall was a product of rape, and Binks realized that it was not the baby's fault (she saw how being given up because of "what" she was, had messed up Kendall) and began to fall in love with her baby. And these 2 actresses made the relationship just amazing to watch. So I had to see the next day, and I began watching as Kendall helped protect her sister, by pretending to be the one who was pregant. And when people knew about the rape, they were even more disgusted that Kendall was "carrying" that evil man's baby. But she took it. The love that developed between these two sisters is what made me fall in love with this show. So seeing her happy and married, with her oldest daughter Miranda (yes that baby) and her newborn Gabrielle (if you don't watch you don't need to know the drama THAT is unfolding) was just unforgettable. They gave Bianca happiness at last. (If you have watched in the last few years, there has been the rape, people finding out she was keeping the baby, her thinking her baby died at birth, but her BFF had her and knew it, etc etc etc). So Bianca deserves this. Of course she does not know her fiance kissed her brother-in-law at the wedding rehearsal but here is hoping they give Binks some happiness for now. Eden Riegel only returns occasionally as Bianca, as she lives out West. So the last few months were a great treat for us fans to have her back not for a week or two as she has done before, but for the last few months. I will cry again when Eden leaves the show because I LOVE her portrayal of Bianca and the chemistry bewteen these two sisters is just...WOW. And with Alicia (Kendall) finally back from her coma (she got married inreal life and her on-screen hubby introduced them!! aww) of 3 months, and finding she has the heart of their brother in her chest, her friend Babe died in the tornado and her hubby is the donor of her sisters baby...yeah there is MUCH to be played out! Please Eden stay a long time!! Kendall is not her pre-coma self and is PISSED!! For the first time in years she can't look at her sister without RAGE!!

I am sorry I am babbling about what may just be a silly soap to some of you, but for me this is just wonderful story-telling and a mementous occasion in tv history! And what is cool is they travelled to CT, yup where I live, to be married legally! So that was a cool touch.This is the lovely Eden Riegel who plays Bianca. And has a hilarious web series called "Imaginary Bitches" that her husband writes! Hilarious!
And this is Alicia (Ah-LISH-Ah) Minshew who rocks as Kendall. And I pray she never leaves the show, she is so good, no one else (besides the first Kendall, Sarah Michelle Gellar) but Alicia could stand next to Susan Lucci (Erica Kane) and be believable as her daughter that is SO like her. She is a mini-Erica but so much more stylish and cool. Plus she can be nicer and concoct such fun shenanigans! LOL!
And here is a 2 minute video of Eden and Tamara (the fiance Reese) talking about this momentous occasion:

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Mother Goose said...

i get the story line and I understand gay relationships, I just don't understand why every station out there feels like they have to write it into their storyline.

the letter Bee said...

And then, after they were married, did 2 LDS missionaries burst into their house and rip up their license? I'm just wondering.

the letter Bee said...

That was a reference to that stupid commercial that came out in California during the Prop8 madness, btw.

Kristina P. said...

Wow, MUCH worse that Lifetime!

kel said...

I love the storyline and I think it's fantastic. i love bianca!

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