Thursday, February 19, 2009

Dontcha Know?

Okay first, do NOT rent Quarantine OR Body of Lies. Most of you hate horror so there goes the first one, which I was like huh? It isn't the fact that it is seen the whole time through a video camera, because Cloverfield did that and it was amazing! This just made no sense in even one teensy eensy way! Okay...kinda like rabies, so they are quarantined in this one helps them...they ALL kind of looks like someone in one of the apartments created this...whatever it is...the end. Say wha??!! Yeah that bad.
Body of Lies, I was like, has to be better. Russel Crowe and Leo Dicaprio...lies must be involved...but I get 30 minutes in and I am when does anything begin? Leo is in a third world country killing and being blown up, Russel seems like a jerk back in the US....AND? I mean if I am not getting the movie 30 minutes in, not even curious as to WHEN they will get to what this movie is even about...that is bad! Cuz I have sat through some bad movies, but the fact that I was finally just, STOP. Forget it, please tell me this won no awards because 30 minutes in and what am I watching??!! Aggghhhhh! I should have watched the HSM 3 or the one with the Shaun of the Dead guy. Singing or funny dude would have been so much more interesting at least!

Tonight, at least, I saw a good movie. The sisters hijacked me tonight. I was all set for a shower, had my clothes ready and they inform me, no go get dressed we are going to see "New in Town" in 10 minutes. Ummm okay. No I did not put up a fight, this movie looked promising. And it was, lol! Part of the reason was Sam loves the phrase, "Dontcha know?", as she has seen it in other movies that take place in Minnesota...some beauty pageant one with Denise Richards and Kirsten Dunst. So she has loved that phrase for eons. Plus hey romantic comedy!! And it was really funny, even the bro might get a kick out of it!

Lucy (Renee Zelwegger) is a Miami-based exec who all the guys in the office seem to hate, so when they decide they want to turn this one plant into a plant that produces an energy bar and want to shave half the workers out, they put Lucy's name up. She says FINE then. Only big boss wants an on site person...and then she finds out it is in Minnesota. She is so totally NOT prepared for these surroundings. Really I don't know how anyone does NOT know that in winter Minnesota is COLD. But Lucy does not. And she brings her normal stiletto heeled, tiny suits wardrobe with her. So yeah whe is unpleasantly surprised when she exits the airport. And Lucy, she is what you expect from her appearance. She is condescending, snooty and thinks she knows everything. And then she gets to the town of New Ulm, her new home for the foreseeable future. And immediately is ensnared in the life of Blanche, her secretary while in New Ulm. Blanche and Trudy show her the house she will be in, and warn her about some things, which Lucy sniffs at. And Lucy makes snap judgements of people immediately. Blanche and her silly scrap-booking. That night Blanche invites her to dinner and to her surprise when she arries, she is introduced to Ted (Harry Connick, Jr.). They immediately clash at dinner. Over music (she asks his daughter if she likes Fergie, Ted thinks she is a bimbo), business...basically everything, both end up walking out.

Things don't go well at the factory either. No one likes her or respects her, except Blanche. Which doesn't make Lucy any nicer to her. She lectures Blanche on being professional and NOT setting her up with lame, truck-driving hill-billies who....blah blah, and while Blanche tries to interrupt, Lucy keeps going then demands to see the Union Rep who she needs on her side....yeah Ted IS the union rep. and had heard the entire tirade. CLASH.

While I would definitely say this is a chick flick, it is also funny, so guys go see it! The conundrums that Lucy finds herself in, from being naive, to stupid, to drunk, are just hilarious! The factory workers try their best to get the best of her whenever they can, Lucy keeps trying though. And she begins to like people in the town. Falls for the tapioca (yeah I am not telling about the tapioca but it is a BIG part of this movie, LOL!), starts seeing Ted in a new light. Has FUN. But the fun can only last for so long. The town she is falling for, she was sent to fire a majority of. The people she is becoming friendly with, don't know their futures are up in the air and in the hands of Lucy.

What will Lucy do? And when Ted and the town finds out why she was sent there, can they even look at her without being filled with disgust? And when the bosses fill her in on newer plans, is there anything Lucy can do to change their minds? Can she create something from nothing? Will she risk her career for these new friends or resume the life she loved in sunny Miami as a VP? And even if she can pull off the unthinkable, is there any reason left for her to stay? Can the trust she shattered be rebuilt?

This movie is filled with laughs, romance, and the adventures of a big city girl thrown into a small town and the hilarity that ensues. Minnesota is the perfect setting for this movie, as this is not a typical town, and what can happen is anything but common. And it needs this kind of town to tell it's tale. This is an endearing town and tale so dontcha think you should give this movie a chance? Dontcha know?

P.S. Cheated at my 2 hours only of Eclipse, Mom will hurt me, LOL. It was 3 hours and I wanted to continue, I mean I finally heard Jasper's tale! And had to stop!! Arrgghhh! Some people on Meyer's website said Bella falls in love with Jakob in Eclipse...they had SO better be wrong! I could barely handle the second book, Edward not being there, I had that irrational meltdown because he was not IN the bloody book, so this better be dead wrong! I know who she picks at the end, but there had better NOT be doubts in her head or Edwards. She can BFF love Jakob from here to eternity, but step away from Edward's love? I will bleep-slap her!! And Jakob! True Love people! I am all about the true love, and if I were Bella? Edward forever, bite me now!

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So said...

I am so renting New in Town when it comes out! It looks like a hoot.

And my lips are sealed when it comes to Eclipse.

kel said...

I have Quarentine is frightening!! I do don't do horror films...

Jodi said...

Thanks for entering my contest! Come back and vote for your FAVE purple item! Some are insane!!! VOTE for your own and get your friends too as well!

Hurry ends tomorrow!

Natalie said...

I so love you movie reviews! Oh, and people on Meyer's website are morons!

Lee said...

Have you seen Taken yet? You definitely need to see that movie.

Constance Marie said...

Dang, that's disappointing about Body of Lies! I really like Leo. Hmmm. Oh and I always loved that your mom got into all those books. Haha sometimes she was the only one who understood my Harry Potter fanaticism.

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