Tuesday, August 24, 2010


No matter how hard I try

I always end up facing the darkness once again

I beg the Heavens for sweet release from this torture

But no prayers seem to work, it is my destiny to live in this bleakness

I fall to the ground begging to be set free from this agony

To be given a new chance in life, a new road to travel

But I am just looked down at with pity at my weakness

I am supposed to have the strength of will to perservere.

I cry my tears, feeling so alone, so mocked at my weakness

Knowing I am failing at my personal tests that I am meant to pass

I pound the ground until my fists are bloody because I am too fragile

My heart broke long ago, leaking my inner strength slowly away

I cry out asking for help, begging for a helping hand

Knowing I can't do this on my own, knowing I will fail alone

I bury my face in the dirt and debris, uncaring, choking as I gasp for help

Please don't leave me alone in this, I can't do this, I lost the strength long ago

Something always pushes me back into the darkness

Please don't leave me there alone this time

Please reach down and take my hand

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2 meaningful meanderings:

Sheri said...

You are stronger than you think. ::hugs::

Toriz said...


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