Thursday, August 5, 2010


Adechike is finally GONE!!! I was on pins and needles, worried it could be Robert that went, but thankfully, finally Adechike was finally recognized as being the LEAST talented by America! It just took THEM 7 weeks, but he is finally gone so I will try to make do with that knowledge.

I think Wednesday's performances just showcased that Adechike had to go. Robert did great overall and his Viennese Waltz was actually pretty and not boring like I find waltz's normally. Lauren's duet with Ade was just on fire! And Kent's performance with Neil was just...breathtaking. I will post all three of these routines here so if you missed them you can enjoy them.

The three best people (non-injured) made it to the final three in my opinion. Kent, Lauren and Robert. I do think Kent should win, but at the same time, if any three won, I would be happy for them. I have a feeling all three will find work and quickly!




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Lia said...

I know!! I'm so happy Robert stayed. I thought Adechike should have gone home weeks ago. All of my dance friends were like, nu uh, he's a phenomenal dancer. Pshh. I also think that Kent is gay and Robert isn't. They think that Kent isn't gay and Robert is. But come on now.

Sheri said...

:: does a happy dance ::

Anonymous said...

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