Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Naive is Safer

Anyone heard of MSO Marketing? They want me to put up links for retailers and I was going to email them back and ask what was in this for me, but my sister made me think they were a scam so now I thought I would ask if other people had heard of them, their website looks legit....

Anyway I am not really up to talking. I didn't think things could feel any worse, or get any darker. Then life throws something at you that makes you feel like someone took a bat to your knees and makes you feel like you could throw up from all the myriad of emotions you are feeling.

I know I AM naive, because I will never understand the How's and Why's. It's like they are beyond me. I don't think I want to either. I'd rather stay curled up in my Naive Blanket, thinking good wins out over evil...even if I am fooling myself, it makes me feel safer.

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Sheri said...

I got an e-mail from them too. I typed their name into Google and if when typing you see the word "scam" after it.... don't do it. I saw it, so I didn't even reply and just marked that e-mail as spam. When in doubt, Google them. :)

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