Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Grave Mistake

I made a grave error people. I went through ALL the makeup I own...in front of my sister Sandy. Who I now think I will partly refer to, just in my head, as the makeup Nazi. It was such a MISTAKE!! She threw away hundreds of dollars of MY makeup!! She started just laying up on her bed, then she was like "haven't you had that for like 2 years?!!" and ended up beside me, making ma hand her ever single piece of make-up for her to inspect and smell.

One of the resons being apparently I have no nose...holes? Ducts? Whatever, I seem to have no sense of smell unless they really stank, because things smelled fine to me and then Sandy would smell them and look horrified that I had been putting that near my eyeball or on my lips. And when she saw that some stuff had expiration dates, ooohhh boy. Some of them she agreed did not smell or look wrong at all so "for now" she is "letting" me keep them. Yeah my baby sister is letting me keep the makeup I spent money on. She tore a Clinique item I use all the time from my very hands and my favorite under eye concealer!! *sob* She says if I can afford to buy all these shows soon on dvd I can afford to get new stuff of that!! WHAT?!! I am saving for those dvd series!!!

Remember my lip gloss collection, it was all over the place and included this which was totally FULL of my collection of glosses?

Yeah it has a couple in each level rolling around because it is THAT empty!! *sobbing openly* They all smelled fine to me! Some even smelled FRUITY, but Sandy, makeup Nazi, said they were "off" and they went into the garbage bag.

At one point I managed to sneak my favorite eyeliner out of the bag. It was ONE thing, and it is my most favorite eyeliner and I have never had trouble. And she didn't notice for quite a bit...I was in her room though, and she discovered it and realized it was one she had discarded, she what did she do you ask? She BROKE it right in front of me so it was unusable!! SO mean!! And then she moved the bag so I couldn't reach it anymore!!

Oh man and when I opened the last holder of makeup...oh dear. I knew I was going to be in trouble when she saw what was in one of those drawers. See I had really liked these cream shadows by Revlon and had bought a BUNCH of them and they were like 10 bucks a pop. And they did not smell I swear! I believe. Yes it is true, they were at least 10 years old...she hit me!! She had called up the rules on the laptop earlier about how long makeup is good for, but do those people think we are rich?!! Like I can afford to buy my mascaras every 3 months!! I am not made of money!

So she ended up getting rid of about HALF of my makeup collection, which is a LOT. It filled like a CVS/Walmart bag and weighed a ton! She has NO mercy!

Now just to get the blemish concealer, under eye concealer and eyeliner, I have to spend over 40 dollars!!! That is INSANITY!! Thank you for listening to my rant.

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Kristina P. said...

WOw, that is a bummer! I realize I probably need to go through my make up too.

Toriz said...

Expiration dates don't always mean much. I have it on good authority that most items are fine past those dates, and some items are only given dates to encourage people to throw them away if they aren't used up and buy new stuff.

mama-face said...

I'm sorry, but this is funny. I'm going to go smell my makeup. (Did not even know that makeup had a bad smell if is old. Learn something new everyday).

Ha. I have such a collection of lip gloss. One time I dumped them out of my purse and there were 9 different kinds. (Clinique is the best though).

LadyStyx said...

And this would be the reason I refuse to wear make-up anymore. It's cheaper that way ^_~ Only time I put any on is during a very special occasion (weddings, funerals, etc) so I buy the cheap stuff so I don't feel bad tossing it later. I think the only thing I've kept is a powder foundation (one of those brush on kinds) and a blush. Chapsticks don't even last 3 months so *shrugs*.

Sheri said...

Once makeup is opened it does need to be thrown out in their proper timeframes... I have the list here let me see...

Makeup Expiration
Mascara 3 months
Foundation 1 year
Powder Eyeshadow 1 year
Lipstick 1 year
Nail Polish 1 year
Blush or Bronzer 2 years

It gets all kinds of bacteria on it and such that you do not want on your face or in your eyes. Google it. :)

You shouldn't have to spend that much on those items. If you have a local CVS, go to it and look in their makeup area - they have AMAZING sales. I bought like $100 worth of makeup there a month ago or so for only $14. Oh yeah. Good stuff :)

TeeTee said...

oh my gosh, i'm so sorry! i would be so furious if someone had gone through all of my make up and thrown it away!

Zak and Weezie said...

I had a coworker last year that used cosmetics she hadn't used in a couple of years. Turned out it was rancid and she had a reaction to it. Her face was so swollen she was unrecognizable. No joke. It looked like she got beat up really bad. She had to go to the dermatologist for medicine and creams to reduce the swelling. Kinda scary.

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