Thursday, August 12, 2010

I am just SO exciting

Well let's see, right now I am watching Dog the Bounty Hunter because I find it fascinating now for some reason. I even looked up Dog's family. He has 11 children (unless he doesn't acknowledge ones not from his marriages) from his 5 wives. Only one wife gave him no children. One child died as a baby. One daughter Barbara Katy, died the day before his wedding to current wife Beth. She was the first child to receive a bounty hunter's badge, posthumously, when Dog placed it in her coffin. Aww!

His first wife gave him Duane and Leland, the two sons you see on the show regularly. His second wife, I think may be Mormon, because his son Wesley is Mormon. J.R. is his brother and Zebediah was the child that died. His third wife Lyssa gave his the now deceased Barbara Katy, Nicholas and Baby Lyssa, who is also a bounty hunter on the show. Beth used to hold the record as having been the youngest woman getting her bounty hunter license at 25, but Lyssa got hers at 19! Yeah I know a lot, I know. The fourth wife gave no children, but was the one who convinced Dog to move to Hawaii. She also helped bounty hunt and raise 6 of his children and one of her own. His current wife Beth gave him two children, Bonnie and Garry. They also adopted one of Dog'g grandchildren(Barbara's son).

Just from the 3 siblings on the show, Dog has 6 granchildren so far. That leaves 4 children who could have who knows how many kids, especially who 2 being Mormon, LOL!!!

Oh and then....ohhhh exciting, I taped 8 hours of my BRAND new obsession! LA Ink!! I know I am just blowing your minds with my excitingness!!

And then if I have time? So You Think You Can Dance!!!

I know you are clutching your hearts with the daringness of it all! I am so exciting, especially this summer!

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2 meaningful meanderings:

Toriz said...

Well, if you enjoy the shows, that's all that matters! :)

Sheri said...

I love all of those shows too! So fun!

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