Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Movie Tuesday

Well I was able to get Fragile with Calista Flockhart, but the haunted house one was all out, they only had like 5 copies. BOO. Especially since the worker chick said I should check it out, because it was really good and that these two were the only worthwhile ones!! AHA!! SEE I KNOW what I'M talking about!!

I also rented Death at a Funeral, The Stranger (with Stone Cold Steve Austen...I just like saying that), Under the Mountain, The Joneses and The Visitor.

I am sure you have all seen commercials for Death at a Funeral and it could be as LAME as I thought it would be, which is why I got that one from Redbox! Martin Laurence, Chris Rock, Tracy Morgan, etc.

The Stranger is "Pro wrestling legend Steve Austin stars as a man with no name, no memory and absolutely nothing left to lose. But when he finds himself hunted by both the FBI and the Russian mob, this amnesiac decides to fight back. Pursuit cannot stop him. Torture will not break him. And with every beating, bullet and betrayal, he'll remember another piece of the horror that took away his career, his family and his identity."

Erica Cerra is in this and I LOVE her! She plays Jo Lupo on Eureka ans is AWESOME!!

Under the Mountain looks really cute! It is about teenage twins who battle dark forces hidden beneath Auckland's volcanoes. It's got Sam Neill so I am hopeful it will rock.

The Joneses stars Demi Moore and David Duchovny. "Perfect couple Steve and Kate Jones, and their gorgeous teen-aged children Jenn and Mick, are the envy of their posh, suburban neighborhood filled with McMansions and all the trappings of the upper middle class. Kate is the ultimate trend setter - beautiful, sexy, dressed head-to-toe in designer labels. Steve is the admired successful businessman who has it all: a gorgeous wife, big house and an endless supply of high-tech toys. Jenn and Mick rule their new school as they embody all that is hip and trendy - cool clothes, fast cars and the latest gadgets. But as the neighbors try to keep up with the Joneses, none are prepared for the truth about this all- too perfect family."

The Visitor looks really amazing! I saw a trailer for it before a movie the other day and NEEDED to see it. "In Connecticut, the widower and lonely Professor Walter Vale has a boring life. He teaches only one class at the local college and is trying to learn how to play the piano, despite not having the necessary musical talent. Walter is assigned to attend a conference about Global Policy and Development at the New York University, where he is to give a lecture about a paper that he is coauthor on. When he arrives at his apartment in New York, he finds Tarek Khalil, a syrian musician, and Zainab, a Senegalese street vendor living there. He sympathizes with the situation of the illegal immigrants and invites the couple to stay with him. Tarek invites him to go to his gig in the Jules Live Jazz and Walter is fascinated with his African drum. Tarek offers to teach Walter to play the drum. However, after an incident in the subway, Tarek is arrested by the police and sent to a detention center of immigrants. Walter hires a lawyer to defend Tarek and out of the blue, Tarek's mother Mouna appears at Walter's apartment from Michigan. He invites her to stay in Tarek's room and while trying to release Tarek, Walter and Mouna get close to each other and he finds a reason to live an exciting life again."

Watching Death at a Funeral and The Stranger tonight. They have to go back tomorrow so they are the obvious choices!

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Toriz said...

Interesting movie collection. Hope you enjoy them!

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