Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Even I Have My Limits and the Why's

Well it is official. Fangoria's Frightfest 8 movies get out today. But even I have my limitations and standards people. I have watched the trailers for all 8 movies. And this is ME, the ultimate Horror fan. Ummm.....

There are only TWO of the 8 movies that I want or am even willing to see. One is Dark House. A house that was an orphanage where there was a massacre. These guys decide to build the ultimate haunted house with amazing holographic imagery and actors, only it ends up this place really is haunted and the spirits are pretty pissed off and death, gruesome naturally, begins. The other is Fragile and stars Calista Flockhart. She joins a special hospital suddenly, and they only have 8 children left. One child Maggie, seems to be haunted by a girl they think she has made up. Only soon a secret seems to have been unleashed and they are all being punished for what happened to this other little girl. Normal horror movie concepts right?

WHY won't I see the other 6 movies you ask?

1) Cannibalism is so not my thing. There is a reason I stay away from movies like The Hills Have Eyes, etc. Why would I want to see people forced into the practice?!! 2) A guy who falls so in lust with the woman who is not his fiance he helps her keep on attaining eternal life by taking others lives...and Wes Bentley just creeps me out in general. 3) A woman who becomes obsessed with a man who finds his people to kill and eat online? Yeah, NO, disgusting and the fact that it was based on real events disturbs the crap out of me. 4) A movie where some fools go to hunt a 3,000 pound boar and end up getting hunted themselves by the locals and the wild pig...so basically kind of like cannibalism!! EW! 5) A woman who loses her baby and goes away to this house (where horrible thing happened to kids...yeah WHY go there, probably weren't told) to heal but can't figure out if she is being haunted or going crazy from grief. I just am not comfortable with the whole setup, I think it is tactless. 6) A semi-truck in the outback is slaughtering people, with all sorts of ways...there is NO help IN the OUTBACK people. And it just looks really, extremely gorey. There's things in the back of the truck people!! It's called Road Kill!! And I LIKED The Hitcher! But this looks like I would throw up! *shudders*

So those are the reasons I won't be watching the other 6 movies. Shame they had to ruin so many of them with cannibalism, I find that disgusting and a concept I am not willing to even deal with. I also don't like mutated inbreds, another reason I don't watch things like The Hills Have Eyes, etc.

Even this horror buff has her standards and limitations.

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ramsam said...

I'm getting too old and too sensitive- those all sound horrible!

Toriz said...

I'm with you 100% on the six you don't want to watch. Many of the horror movies out these days seem to be going beyond the realms of "let's give the audience a huge scare" and too far in to the realms of "I advise you not to eat while watching this, because it's totally disgusting."

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