Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Trying To Drive me WONKY!!

I swear to you it is TRUE!! The grocery store is trying to drive me completely insane!! Each Monday I have gone for the last month, something else has changed or moved or is different, it is confusing as all get out!

And they are making the aisles SMALLER too, my Dad noticed that one, it is like being in Walmart now. To get past another cart you have to really maneuver carts or scrape handles, and you never had to do that at Stop and Shop before!! This might have something to do with the competition we are "getting", a Shop Rite and a BJ's, but I think that makes no sense. We got a Price Chopper and S&S did nothing and Price Chopper is closer than either of these other 2 stores marked destinations.

But they started changing the store weeks ago nonetheless. And some of the pairings are REALLY weird combinations. Why would soda go with bread? Why put soups and mac and cheese on the other side of the juice aisle?! Why is the magazine aisle now sharing an aisle with the rice and canned veggies?!!! It makes no sense at ALL!! I have no sense of where anything is ANYMORE!

They have changed some aisles over the course of the last like 15 years, but one aisle has never changed. Aisle 2 has always been cookies, crackers and coffee and teas. GONE!!! They had some weird combo that horrified me. It is all the way down in aisle 8 now! Horrifying! And the bargain aisle, things on sale that week? GONE. What the flip?!! I have to LOOK myself! What kind of a shopper do you take me for?!

And then there aisles with food only on one side, the other side empty and covered in clear plastic. There are several of these. If there isn't enough food, WHY can't we have our bigger aisles back? They are even messing with the freezer section, they added another side and put the food usually on the right, onto the left....now the left is empty....say what?! And the bakery used to have a big case for their rolls and bagels, now it's gone and there is a baby size one for rolls in its' place. Bagels...I have no idea if they are gonna make bagels, who knows!

They already took away the baby Dunkin Donuts a few months ago and now all this! It took us almost 2 hours to grocery shop Monday because it was like shopping on vacation. You have no clue where anything is! I felt like I was going nuts, this is MY grocery store, so why did it feel like foreign soil?!!

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mama-face said...

It's like shopping on vacation...bahahaha.

I'm going to pay a lot more attention to how the grocery stores I shop are designed...I'm usually in too big of a hurry to notice. :-)

Toriz said...

Then people wonder why people like me don't go shopping alone...

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