Wednesday, October 13, 2010

October Birthday

It was Katie's Birthday yesterday. The poor thing is sick as a dog though. She called in sick and went to the doctors for her birthday. She has a sinus infection and is on the VERGE of bronchitis. Yuck. Katie really hates her job at my Mom's facility, she is way over-extended, not treated very well and the equipment she has to work with is limited and not very good. Not what she is used to working with. She interviewed at another place recently. It was a longshot, they said they had a list of people wanting the position. It is 32 hours versus 40. The facility is redone and bright and you get like a max of 6 patients at a time there. They do things off grounds, etc. It just sounded perfect for Katie. She was at the top of the list with another woman. Well they made her an offer. 32 hours, a dollar more an hour than she is getting now and they sound ex cited for her to join them. We told her she should give herself a birthday present and QUIT on her birthday! She didn't want them as a reference, she had only worked there 2 weeks so to just quit and take this other job. But she was unsure. The only thing we could convince her to do was call in and leave a message for her boss that she was calling out sick.

Well she decided on her birthday she did know one thing, she didn't want to go back to work at that job so she called her boss. What did he spend 5 minutes doing before she could get a word in edgewise? Lecturing her on how she wasn't ALLOWED to to call in sick for 90 days. She didn't have sick days to call up and say she wasn't showing up for work because she was sick. He didn't care that her doctor TOLD her she was contagious for the next 48 hours, he needed to spend 5 whole minutes berating her. All I know that happened next is Katie said "I think we have a bigger problem"....Oooh I wish I had the time to grill her about this call!

Anyway she was sick so we stayed in. Though if she is better I may be dragged, kicking an screaming to the Haunted Graveyard on Saturday as an extension of her birthday. We brought in Olive Garden after MUCH debate, Katie sick and depressed means she can't make up her mind for about an hour. While people went to get it, I showered. Then we ate dinner around the table and talked. Then we did presents. I went first, I got her the first season of Army Wives, which she loved. Yay. Sam got her a sweater and a mix cd. She also got clinique make-up, Frederick's of Hollywood underwear (yuck TMI), gift certificates, Disney's Robin Hood, Mulan, hair stuff, enzymes, another sweater she wanted, a gorgeous Rennaisance-y blouse from The Pyramid Collection (look up their web page!! WOW!) AND a Garmin Navigation system for the cars. Her OWN "Gabby". She was quite spoiled and pleased.

Then we watched Robin Hood and it had been a long time, that movie is so good. We had her "cake" which was 2 apple pies, a traditional one and a crumb top one. The second is my kind. As soon as the movie was over, my Dad helped her up to bed, at 10pm (!!) and there wasn't a peep from her again.

Sick on your birthday bites.

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2 meaningful meanderings:

Amander said...

Happy Birthday to your sister!

Toriz said...

Belated happy birthday Katie!

Being sick on your birthday sucks! That's the thing with Autumn/Fall or Winter birthdays... You often end up sick for your birthday. I'm almost always at least starting to come down with something on my birthday. I don't remember my last sickness free birthday!

Hope she enjoyed the non "I-feel-like-death-warmed-up-this-sucks" part of her birthday, and that she liked all her presents!

I also hope the new job works out for her.

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